Mondays To-Do List


Here is what my day will be looking like:


~4 loads laundry (first one already started )

~kitchen clean up

~sweep & mop kitchen floor, laundry room floor and main floor hallway

~vacuum living room and entry way rugs

~wipe down bathroom sinks, empty bathroom garbage, clean tub and shake out rugs and sweep floor


In A.M:

Get chicken marinating (and post recipe for mominpa J )

Check Sierra’s school work for the week and lay out assignments (the boys are gone for the week)

Make granola..  the weekend was either too busy or too lazy!  LOL..  it never happened

I need to get some cyber work done too, if there is time


After Lunch:

Sew for Sewing Seeds and/or make soap in the afternoon 

~My girls will be sewing too..  we have a few more skirts to finish up..  this has been a very fun and rewarding project!!  If you want to know more about it you can read HERE


Early Evening:

Dinner preps

House pick up before Dad gets home



Family Time


  1. I love your website and your sharing your activities with us!


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