Orange & Fruit Smoothie and Spring Cleaning


Emily and Leanne made everyone smoothies after our afternoon of spring cleaning.  We managed to get the major rooms of the house torn apart, cleaned and put back together this afternoon!!! Amazing what team work can do!  Emily and Leanne started the living room while I was at swim lessons with the kids.  After we were home and had lunch we each started in different areas and managed to tackle the dining room, sun room, kitchen (actually we still have work to do in the kitchen but a lot did get done) and the laundry room.


Yesterday I picked up my Azure order and in my order I had a 38lb box of organic oranges!!  Soooo needless to say we are eating lots of oranges and finding good uses for them. One of those uses was making a whole fruit smoothie, using oranges instead of orange juice like we often do. 


2 to 3 whole oranges, peeled and separated into pieces

2 cups frozen strawberries

1 ½ bananas

1 apple, peeled, cored

½ cup yogurt

½ cup milk

Sweetener of choice, to taste, if desired


Put all in blender (you need a good heavy duty blender, we are using our Bosch blender) and mix until all is smooth. We let it mix for about 3 to 4 minutes. Then we added a little bit of pure maple syrup.


  1. Your smoothie sounds great. We drink them often. Have you thought of adding some protein powder? You do have protein in the milk, which is good, but a good protein powder will add your amino acids. Good luck spring cleaning!




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