Sewing Seeds Skirts!


So far we have made 5 skirts for Sewing Seeds.  I am not sure how many more we are going to make, but it will be a few more!  These have been fun to make and rewarding to know it is for such a worthy cause.  




  1. I like the dark blue one the best and they are all very pretty.Belle is working on another one tonight.Did you notice that once you get one done the next is soo fast and easy to make? I'm thinking I could make a skirt for every girl in Africa. Ok, maybe only four or five but we are having fun with this project.

    maa's mom

  2. It's so nice you are doing this! I wish I knew how to sew to make some! Take care!

  3. homesteadinthemakingMarch 6, 2007 at 10:22 PM

    They are sooo adorable. I hope to make a couple if I can get to town tomorrow and buy fabric.



  4. Hi Crystal,

    they are so pretty. I email her for her address and she never answered me back. Could you please send me the address so I can help.


    Elizabeth Quigley

  5. I am picking up the pattern today -I can't wait to start. I have been working on vintage aprons for myself and so now is a good time to stop and start this great project. Thanks for letting me know about it in your previous post! I will post a few pictures of them when I get them done up this week-end.

    Blessings, Jeanette


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