Thursday on the Homestead


Well my boys arrived back from Disney Land last night, safe and sound!  They had a wonderful trip and I have 4 cameras worth of film to develop for them.  After I develop their film I will post some pics..  Now life will go back to normal.  I guess this was the kid’s spring break.  Today was just an easy going day of recovery for them.


Emily and Leanne were supposed to go to their cleaning job but when we got in the van it would not start..  the battery was dead..    The back door of the van had not been closed completely so it drained the battery.  Tobin is now recharging it.. 


Lots of laundry was on the list today.  The boys needed all their clothes washed, plus the bathroom towels needed washing, and it was Leanne’s laundry day..  so it looks like my machine got quite a workout today..  actually I still have laundry going… . 


Today is the last day of the work week for us.  I wanted to make some challah bread and maybe cinnamon rolls but did not get to it.. It is on my list for tomorrow, especially if Hannah is not working..  she said she would take the kids to swim lessons and I will stay home and bake!    Dinner tonight was sweet and sour chicken over brown rice and broccoli….  Yummy!


I finally have had to admit I am getting a little older…    I went and bought a pair of reading glasses.  Last year the eye doctor told me it was time and I resisted the thought and continued to squint while at the computer..  this year at my appt.  he said the same thing and to convince me he showed me what words would look like if I did..  and it was a big improvement..  so while in town earlier this week I broke down and bought a pair.  Now I have remember to put them on.. LOL..   but when I do, it helps a lot.  I also thought it greatly helps my grandmotherly look!    Never thought I would want to help that look, but hey when you do have a sweet grandbaby like mine..  somehow you don’t mind anymore!


I sent out several orders today from my county store.  I have procrastinated a lot this week ..  and now this weekend I HAVE to make soap! 


Emily and Leanne made 2 more skirts…. Sierra has been bit by the sewing bug and today she made a rice pad to match her pillow case.  Now she will need a new project for this weekend!  When the girls and I finish sewing skirts we will then move back to finishing our quilt squares. We are eager to keep working on that.


Well that sums up Thursday on the Homestead!! 


  1. Crystal,

    Those skirts you made the other day were so pretty! Love the fabric you chose. I really have to find a way to practice more!! Sierra is well on her way, too, with her pillowcase and sewing book.

    And YAY I'm glad your orders have gone out, I'm expecting some lucious sounding soaps! I need all natural everything right now, oh and my hubby loves the shaving soap by the way! Turned out to be a good Christmas gift. I'm sure before long I'll be wanting more of that.



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