Wednesday on the Homestead


My husband will be home from work shortly and I thought I would take a few minutes out of my day to blog.  I have had a very busy day.


This is what my day has looked like so far:


Up at 4:AM

~Packed Tobin’s lunch, made coffee and gave him a kiss as he left for work

~Worked on my website and packaged up orders

~Kids got up and started with their morning chores (which includes animal chores)

~Started breakfast for the kids: I made the oatmeal and Hannah made the scrambled eggs

~We all spent a few minutes picking up the house and I started a load of laundry

~I washed dishes (my dishwasher needs to be fixed and my poor overworked hubby has not had a chance to look at it yet.. maybe next weekend.. this weekend is already busy ) my youngest kids helped me in the kitchen

~After the kitchen was cleaned up from breakfast I had my youngest kids start their school day.

~I hung the first load of laundry out on the line

~Removed the sheets from my bed to wash and picked up my room

~Made a double batch of homemade laundry detergent and started the 2nd load

~Started boiling 2 dozen eggs for lunch (egg salad sandwiches)

~Hannah made 6 loaves of bread

~I made the egg salad and served it with leftover salad in whole wheat tortillas (egg salad wraps)

~Hung out the second load and started a 3rd

~Answered email

~Made my bed with fresh sheets

~When the 3rd load of laundry was done I hung that out on the line (now the clothesline was full!) and started a 4th load which was a small load of cloth napkins

~Worked on some things for my little ebusiness store

~Checked some school work and signed off some pages.. kids are done with school for today

~Put the 4th load in the dryer and started a 5th load

~Sat down to take a break and blog

~Still to do for today is: take dry laundry off the line and fold and put away, hang up more if there is room, heat up some leftovers for dinner, take care of basic home things for the evening, and enjoy my evening with my hubby and kids when he comes home..  maybe we will watch another episode of  The Pretender..  who knows?? 


Tomorrow..  Tobin took the day off and we are going to take all the kids to town for our annual shoe shopping extravaganza..  I call it that because all the kids need shoes and believe me it is an all day event to take 6 kids shoe shopping..  especially when 3 of them are teenage girls .. LOL..  


Hope you all had a great Wednesday on your homesteads!




  1. Crystal,

    I was reading that using the homemade laundry soap can leave a gray film on your clothes and you should use a "bluing" agent as well. Do you find this to be true?

  2. I have been making and using homemade laundry soap for over a year now and don't see a gray film.. The only difference between mine and others is that I use my own homemade soap. I also add oxyclean to white loads.. I have really loved the soap.

    Crystal :)

  3. I use the homemade laundry detergent made with the Fels Naptha soap and I have no gray film on my clothes.

  4. frugalmomntraining- LisaOctober 12, 2006 at 2:08 PM

    I did however make progress in my kitchen this afternoon.

    I just have trouble staying busy continually. I would love to be though!

    Sit down and rest a bit:)


  5. Have fun while out getting shoes....but I do not envy you with the girls. I have one daughter and I know how long she can take, and she's only four! I can't imagine having that many girls and at their ages! Oh my my my...! Bless you for that Mommy patience!

  6. I would like to try to make my own laundry soap. Is this okay to use on delicates as well? Thanks!


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