Update on my Grandbaby with Pics!!!

Caden Michael Root:



I am home now.. my plane landed a little after 9:pm last night and I am so happy to be back with my family..  but it was SOOOO hard to leave my little grandbaby Caden.. he was so soft and so sweet and is so special to me!!


I wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and support and love you all have shown over the birth of this baby..  It was an amazing experience that God used in many, many ways.. more than what I can go into here and I truly give HIM all the glory for this! 


I wanted to just share some of the info with you all and some pictures.  The birth story itself is very long and very involved.. and I will write about this and post it on my website (with a link from my blog) to all who are interested..


One aspect of my daughter’s birth story that I have not shared is that her and her husband came to the conclusion to have an unassisted homebirth.  They did not have a midwife with them. The decision that led to this final choice was also long and involved, and I supported their choice and we all were praying that if it was God’s will for me (and my close friend, Sarah) to be there.. that this would work out. 


All things did work out (praise to Jesus!!) and I was able to not only be there but both my friend and I delivered the baby! I just can not express the feeling of being the one to deliver my first grandchild into this world(with help from Sarah as we both worked together as a fantastic team to make this happen!).  I went through all the same emotions as if I had just delivered a baby! It was like nothing I had ever experienced.


Between the 2 of us (Sarah and I) we have had 14 children and both of us have had homebirths and attended other births (in fact Sarah had an unassisted homebirth herself and I was there to assist with that birth).  So we were not experts by any means but we were not unaware either.  And we both knew that the hospital was 5 minutes away should we feel that we needed to transfer her. 


By the time labor got going for good my daughter Carolyn labored for 14 hours (but had been up for 3 days with nothing but little naps during the day and cat naps between contractions.. she was one tired lady!) and she pushed for 1 ½ hours. 


Caden Michael was born into the hands of his grandma (that’s me!   ) and his aunt (I have shared that Sarah is like a sister to me and an aunt to my kids).


He weighed 7 lbs.  and was 19 ½ inches long.


Here is tired mama and baby right after the birth:


More pics of my sweet little grandbaby:




Since things (her contractions) came to a stop shortly after we arrived Sarah and I were working hard to get labor going and we did LOTS of walking!  I was sore and joked with Sarah that this was more like boot camp for us all as she was like..  "lets keep walking"..   so we walked to a nearby park, a mall and finally went to Monterey, a town close to my daughters, to walk on the board walk and then on the beach… 


Here are some pics I took of Jonathan and Carolyn when we were in Monterey before baby came:



And here is a picture of me and Sarah:


I told my son-in-law that I needed LOTS of pictures..  daily for awhile and then weekly..  I already miss my little guy.. 


My kids are so happy..  they love looking at the pictures and hear the birth story and can’t wait until Carolyn and Jonathan come up to visit (which should be soon) so they can see Caden too. 


Again, thank you all for the love and support you have shown me on this blog!  You all are wonderful! 





  1. He is beautiful, congradulations!

    joyfull homemaker

  2. Oh my gosh, we should all be able to have that wonderful experience. He is gorgeous, you must be elated. Congrats on his birth and becoming a gm for the first time. I know I cant wait for that to happen to me.

    God Bless you all.


  3. He's adorable, Crystal... no wonder you had a hard time leaving the little guy!

    Good for Carolyn for going with what she and her husband were being led to do! And just look how alert baby Caden is! I am praising God with you...

    Can't wait to talk and hear all the details! Will write you this week to catch up...


    Carla Lynne


  4. After my own babies I think that is the prettiest newborn I have ever seen! LOL I am so excited for them and YOU!

  5. Hey Granny!!

    I know you are exhausted, elated and ecstatic all at the same time!!!!

    Crystal, Caden is just beautiful - he truly is a beautiful baby!! I have to be honest - I don't see many just born beautiful babies!!

    I know it was so hard for you to leave him - you will always be so special to him - because you helped bring him into this world!! What an incredible bond!!

    I am so excited for you!!! Now....go rest!!!!



  6. Again congratulations on a beautiful grandson! I love the pictures, Crystal, you can be proud of Caroline, Jonathan, Caden and of yourself and Sarah. I'm so glad everything went fine.

    I wish you all lots of fun and happiness.

    blessings, Ellen

  7. What a beautiful grandchild! Congrats. :)


  8. Congratulations! Your new grandson is just beautiful!

  9. and how wonderful for you to be able to deliver him!

    Carolyn looks beautiful (especially after laboring for almost 3 days!! I looked like a truck hit me after 14 hours of labor)

    Congratulations to you all!!


  10. What a picture perfect baby! Glad to hear all went well, and I think it's neat that you got those pics of your daughter and son-in-law right before the baby came! :) I bet it is hard to be so far away, so glad for technology in this case, huh?! :D



  11. Oh, Crystal HE is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

    What a blessing that you could share this time with Caroline adn Jonathan.

    Can't wait for more pictures and updates :)

    Thanks for making us a part in this wonderful experience.

    God bless,


  12. He's gorgeous! Congratulations!

  13. What a sweet, perfect little angel! He is so beautiful. What a wonderful experience!

  14. Crystal!!!!! That is the best story! Gorgeous child! Of course!

    What a beautiful thing to be able to do.

    WOW! I am so happy to see you get blessed. You are the coolest lady I know!

  15. Very cute baby boy! What a wonderful story of the birth!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  16. What a blessing...to be there for his birth!

    I'd love to hear the birth story...!

    He's an angel...and I'm sure it was tough to leave him and go back home.

    I am so thankful that God worked it all out for you to be there. All births should be this wonderful!



  17. Beautiful, beautiful. How blessed you are.



  18. Baby Blessing galore!! How wonderful to be there and deliver your first grand baby into the world. You are blessed!


  19. He is so sweet!!! My mama delivered my babies at home too, it was very special. I plan to have her deliver all my children, I think it is a wonderful experience for a Mother and Daughter to share.

    Congratulations!!!! :-)

  20. oops that was me above www.homeschoolblogger.com/amatthia

  21. What a beautiful birth story and a beautiful baby. I know your family will have lots of love and blessings with this little one.


  22. He is adorable. Your family is beautiful!

    What an exciting event ti not only witness but have a hand in doing!

    PTL for a great delivery and a healthy baby boy!

    You are blessed!

    I really enjoy your newsletters! And hope to have the kind of llifestyle you have, one day. My husband had the procedure done for no more kids...but my dream is to one day be able to financially afford more babies...and a large ranch/farm to raise them on. I know it's still not impossible, and even if it were considered so by society...God is an awesome & all powerful God! :D



  23. Congratulations, Grandma!!! I am so glad to hear that everything went smoothly. God is wonderful!!!


    Tina Kay

  24. How sweet he is! If this is your first grandbaby then I know exactly how you feel. I got to be there when my granddaughter was born 3 years ago. Now we are anxiously awaiting our 2nd. This one is a boy and due any time now. There is no other feeling in the world like it! I know you agree! It's been exciting keeping up with the news and I'm glad Caden is finally here and you are home safe and sound.

  25. What a sweetie! Congratulations!

  26. We lived in Salinas when my first one was born. I think I may have walked in the exact area you all were in. I had my dd the very next day. Must be something about that Monterey air.



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