Apple Cake Recipe

Apple Cake

This has been a favorite cake of ours for many years.  It was originally the recipe of a good friend of mine and over the years I converted it to be a bit healthier.  Hope you enjoy it too!




2 cups cane juice crystals

1 c coconut oil

½ c olive oil

3 eggs

2t vanilla

1 t lemon juice

3 c whole wheat pastry flour

1 t salt

1 t soda

1 t cinnamon

3 c apples, peeled & chopped

1 c chopped nuts


Heat oven to 350.  Blend cane juice crystals, coconut oil and olive oil in a mixer until creamy looking. Add eggs, vanilla and lemon juice.  Add flour, salt, soda, cinnamon and mix well.  Fold in the apples and nuts.  Bake in a 9x13 pan for 1 hour or until cake is done. 



1 c Sucanat

¼ c cream or evaporated milk

8 T butter

2 t vanilla



In a saucepan combine all the above ingredients.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.  Boil for 2 to3 minutes.  Cool while cake bakes.  Pour over hot cake.


  1. Crystal, where would I find coconut oil fit for consumption? Any name brands that you like?

  2. Yes.. I buy mine from Azure Standard

    The brand I buy is Wilderness Family Naturals

    Hope that helps.. Crystal :)

  3. can you substitute anything for these? I never heard of them.. Thanks


  4. Well... nothing that would be healthier!! :) I try and focus on eating healthy and that is where my recipes come from..

    You can read about organic sugars here:

    And Coconut Oil here:

    I know you can sub white sugar for the cane juice.. the coconut oil.. I would sub all olive oil (you can try the "light" version of olive oil .. the flavor is not as strong.. if you don't that strong flavor may be a bit much for the cake..


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