Tuesday on the Homestead


Well it happened…  we had our first frosty 32 degree morning of the season this morning.  I knew it was cold yesterday and sunny which usually means cooler temps, and the temps did drop last night.  But boy it really seemed like we dropped from nice fall like temps to very cool…  very quickly!  I love fall, but am not that crazy about winter!    Needless to say, the wood furnace is working away this morning warming up the Miller Homestead..   and I think I will bake something this morning to help the heating process along! 


Yesterday the sing practice went really well.  Funny thing about singing with kids..  We had 5 weeks to practice.  The senior center moved the date ahead on us giving us less practice time than we thought we had…. and we went into a panic (or maybe I was the only one who did.. LOL) .. oh no.. can the kids be ready???  After the first practice with them, well I was still in a panic! LOL..  But kids learn so quickly and Hannah made some changes in the music selection that was an improvement…..  and yesterday we had our last practice and I was impressed at how well the kids did.  So we are ready for Friday! 


They will do some practicing before the luncheon on Friday while the moms work on the tables.  We volunteered to do all the hosting this time.  Typically we have just done the entertainment.  So we have to have center pieces for the tables, and have to bake cakes (it is the monthly birthday luncheon) and provide entertainment and serve the plates of food to the seniors.   I am going to try and take pictures to share..


Today I will be home all day.  I have housework to do, and walnuts to continue drying.  We have lots of walnut trees and we have been harvesting them..  so I have sacks, bags and boxes of walnuts everywhere!    But they do taste good..  they are what I used in my apple cake yesterday. 


I also have laundry to keep moving through and dinner preps to work on and a November menu to write and a grocery list to make for my big shopping trip tomorrow.


Have a great Tuesday on your Homestead! 


  1. sell walnuts? Just curious, I was just saying to my friend about 3 weeks ago I wish I had someone that had bulk walnuts to sell. I love walnuts and use them often, even in my summer fruit salads, so this would be wonderful. Great blogg Crystal.


  2. At this point, no we dont sell them.. at the most we have thought about doing a upick type of thing .. but have not done that either!


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