Hannah’s Birthday!


Hannah had her 18th birthday yesterday.  Hard to believe my third child is 18 already!!  We spent the first part of the day cleaning up the house and doing just basic life things.  Then we went to a homeschool meeting.  The kids in our homeschool group are singing for the seniors in our community at a lunch (given by the community center in our town) next Friday.  Hannah is leading the music with the kids.   She likes playing her guitar and doing this type of thing.  She also leads the music for the Awana program in our church.  



We came home from the meeting and Grandpa was already here and had brought pizza.  While we were at the meeting Emily (who had stayed home) baked Hannah a pumpkin cake.  Hannah loves pumpkin so Emily thought she would enjoy this cake.  It was delicious!  She frosted it with cream cheese frosting (made with powdered sugar as I was out of powdered Sucanat)..  Hannah received some nice gifts and all in all was very happy with her special day.




  1. to be here to witness our olive shoots mature into fruitful trees!

    God bless Hannah~ may she always follow God's calling on her life, and blessings to you too, Crystal, for raising such a fine woman of God!

    In grace,

    Carla Lynne


  2. Hannah is such a beautiful girl - inside and out!! She has the most serene face of any girl I have ever seen - Congratulations Mama, you have raised an incredible daughter!!



  3. Crystal,

    I always love when you post pictures...I can't see the second picture..getting a red x, but can see the others.

    I'm so glad Hannah had a nice birthday...was thinking of her. She is such a beautiful girl...love her beautiful smile. She is precious and I know brings so much joy to you and Tobin.

    Love you friend,


  4. They just grow up too darn fast don't they? I'm glad to hear about the happy birthday. The cake sounds wonderful!


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