The Time Change :)

I was just looking at the Bloggers main page and saw the reminder that was posted a couple of days ago on the Front Porch to change the clocks back ..  well I guess I have not been paying attention to these little details very well! LOL..   So I though I would share this story..


Yesterday morning Tobin woke up earlier than usual and could not sleep (he does not require a whole lot of sleep so this is normal for him)..  The clock in our room said 3:30am and we decided to get up and he would go into work early.  He got ready for work, I got his lunch packed and the coffee made.  We were standing in the kitchen and he was looking at the clock that said 4:10am.  Then he said to me, “Isn’t this the weekend we were suppose to set the clocks back?”.  I went to look at the calendar and sure enough it was.  He looked at me and said,  “So it is actually 3:10am?”  hee.. hee..    I suggested that he and I just enjoy the one hour that we now had having coffee together and chatting.. something we rarely have the luxury of doing..  When he did leave for work at the REAL 4:10am we were both thankful for that extra hour AND thankful this little oversight did not happen in the spring..  LOL… 


  1. LOL!!! That's happend to us before also. Glad you got to spend a nice hour with your dh though. :-)


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