Simple Foods from the Homestead Kitchen…


Simple foods from your homestead kitchen can look and taste like a feast!  Last week I cooked up two roasts.  One was a goat roast and one was a lamb roast (both home grown by my mother in law and her hubby). But any type of roast would have worked.  We enjoyed these roasts with a pot of Yummy Pinto Beans and some veggies.


Well the next night I still had meat and beans left.  So I chopped up what was left of the roasts and added these to the beans, added more water and a little more salt.  Then made a big salad out of romain lettuce, red cabbage and grated carrots with homemade ranch dressing.  I served the soup and salad with homemade garlic toast on homemade bread.  The meal was pretty much leftovers revisited and was very inexpensive..  but the best part to me is that it also LOOKED so pretty!!





  1. Crystal,

    Everything looks so yummy! It's a dreary, rainy day here in CT and your meal looks like a perfect one to warm the tummy. :-)


  2. Now Crystal....this looks delicious!!!

    Love you all,



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