Sunday on the Homestead


Today has been a good day.  It has been raining pretty steadily all day..  and that is a good thing. Our water comes from a spring and things have been very dry here and our water supply was running low.  With the rain here that will help fill up the ground water and our spring will flow with more gallons per day.


The kids and I went to the early service at church.  Tobin left for work at 4:30 this morning..  the usual time.


After church the girls and I picked up the house and then they went to Walmart.  I needed some lunch meat for Tobin’s lunches this week and the girls wanted to buy some goodies for the shoebox ministry gifts we do at our church.  Hannah had some ingredients to pick up for the snack she is making for Bible study at church tonight.


While the girls were gone the younger kids had (still have) friends over and are watching Star Trek the next generation.  So the house was fairly quiet.  I made about 60 tubes of lip balm.  I am stocking my little store with lots of goodies for the holidays.  The girls and I are also doing a bazaar in our local town in December so we need to up our inventory for that as well. 


Tobin is going to be home late.  He is helping his father clean out his home.  It has been a big job but the two of them tackle a little more of it each Sunday afternoon.  It is the best time for both of them to work on this.  His dad moved into a retirement home in July and the house needs to be cleaned out so it can be made ready to sell. 


Dinner tonight is sweet n’ spicey kielbasa over brown rice and a salad…  sounds easy enough.  The rice was leftover and now I need to go and get the kielbasa going.


I also have done a couple loads of laundry to get a head start on tomorrow..  I almost took a nap today.. that is usually my favorite Sunday afternoon thing to do but today I just seemed to want to get some other things accomplished today instead.


Now I am looking forward to a quiet evening with my hubby and kids..


That sums up my Sunday on my Homestead!  


  1. Crystal,

    Sounds like you all had a very nice day. I'm glad you are getting the rain for your water supply...I think it's neat you all get your water from a spring, I was telling Jon about that and he thought it was great too.

    Give my love to the family and love to you too.

    Blessings my friend,


  2. Cute art at the top! I'm glad you have more water coming in. I have had a water supply off of a spring as well and know the feeling of needing rain! All the girls cooking and making treats, and stocking up the store, sounds like fun - even if it is sometimes hard work! I can't wait to see what is in your store! I'll be snatching up some things for gifts this year there! God bless, hope you had a quiet time with your family,


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