Tuesday on the Homestead


Today I have been home all day.  I love days at home.  I helped my younger kids on their school work, did some housecleaning and then wrapped and labeled 4 dozen bars of soap. 


We have been enjoying tuna wraps a lot lately.  You know how you can eat something till your sick of it and then you go forever without eating it??  Well that is what we did with tuna.  I am sure it had been over a year since I bought a can of tuna.  This last monthly grocery shopping trip I bought it again (well lots of it! LOL).  Now the kids and I are really enjoying it again.  I make up the tuna with lots of finely chopped onions and pickles and mayo and then pull out leftover salad from the night before (or even leftover coleslaw has worked well) and we put tuna, salad (or coleslaw) in a whole wheat tortilla and wrap that up for lunch.  Very easy and very tasty!


This afternoon Hannah, Emily and Leanne did the bread baking for the family.  They made 8 loaves of our basic whole wheat bread and 4 loaves of cinnamon bread.  We make 6 loaves at a time and the first 6 were all whole wheat and the second 6 loaf batch Hannah made 2 regular loaves and then took the dough for the other 4 and rolled each one out into a long rectangle and spread butter, Sucanat, and cinnamon on it and rolled it and put in the loaf pan..  kinda like cheaters cinnamon rolls..  LOL..   They look good and the house sure smells good!  I am sure those loaves will go very fast. 


Here is a picture of them:


Dinner tonight is chili over roasted potatoes with cheese and chopped onions on the top and a salad. 


I am now looking at about 7 more dozen bars of soap to wrap..  I may wait for Tobin to help me.  He likes to help me with my little soap business and it makes it more enjoyable to do it together..  


Well I better get moving on the dinner cooking..  


  1. Crystal,

    When I saw that bread, my mouth started watering. That cinnamon bread looks DELICIOUS!!! Wow!!

    Had you all in my thoughts and prayers today.

    Love ya dear friend,


  2. Your day sounds lovely and the food sounds and looks oh so lovely! It made me want to go in the kitchen and make bread!!! Enjoy your babies!

  3. That all looks so good! They look very delicious and I feel like baking too! Of course, I can't, people are in bed and it's late for us here LOL I guess tomorrow we'll be making some bread along with our cake! Thank you for the inspiration, Crystal, and enjoy your evening with family!

  4. I'm sure they don't last long around your house, but how do you keep them fresh anyway? Do you just put them in bread bags or a special bread box?


  5. It is nice to be able to be home, get involved in projects without worrying about a timetable per se. Those cinni-loaves look really nice I will have to try that sometime. Yummy breakfast treat!




  6. That amount of bread.. MAY last us a week.. LOL.. So I don't do anything real special for storage. I put the loaves in Baggies brand gallon size bags or bread bags that I buy from a bakery that sells day old bread and mis-marked bags. I put the bread in the freezer to keep it fresh tasting.. Crystal :)


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