Monday on the Homestead


I am up early this morning as usual.  Tobin just left for work.   I have a load of towels drying right now and a load of hubby’s work uniforms in the washer…. and now I am working on my to-do list for the day.


We have sing practice with the homeschool group this afternoon.  This will be our last practice before we sing for the senior luncheon on Friday.  The kids are sounding good! 


Hannah is working for our pastor this morning.  She does data entry type things for him (for the church) about once a month, and usually another time during the month she helps him with other office type jobs. 


I need to get school work for the kids organized for the week, send out some orders from my little store, set out some rice to soak for tonight’s dinner, and pull up some hamburger from the freezer to defrost for dinner too (we are having hamburger gravy over brown rice and a salad). 


I have a nice box of apples sitting here that I need to do something with.  The kids have made a huge dent in the box just by eating them!  They are sweet and good!  I was thinking of maybe a good apple bread or apple cake recipe..  Have to see what recipes I have for this..  and work on it when I get home.


Before Tobin left for work he got a fire going.  I think he said it was 36 degrees outside this morning.  I feel the house warming up now as I type.  The other added bonus to heating with wood is that we end up with lots of hot water for free!  Tobin plumbed the pipes from the water tank through our wood furnace so every heating season we have an abundance of water available to us and we actually see our electricity bill drop.  All this reminds me that I need to get this blog posted so I can go tend to the fire…  


That should do it for Monday on the Homestead!


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