Monday on the Homestead

Rain, rain, rain..  lots of it!  And cool temps to match the grey look..  Yes fall is here!  Our water supply has been helped out a lot in the last couple of days.  The weather reports says it will dry up again..  so we will see if we are out of the danger zone yet.


This morning I labeled my nearly 60 tubes of lip balm that I made yesterday, made oatmeal pancakes for breakfast, folded & put away one load of laundry and have another in the dryer (which I think just stopped.. ), one in the washer waiting patiently to go into the dryer and two more still left to wash. I started navy beans for soup for tonight’s diner and I helped Jacob first with some spelling words and gave him a spelling test..  then helped Sierra with the same thing.


I need to get kids moving and get ready to head out the door..  music practice is today with the homeschool group.  We sing for the senior luncheon in our community in November. 


Tobin had car problems yesterday..  he said he knew what the problem was (he drives a diesel Jetta) and said it was a bad injector..  he got up very early this morning and fixed the car before heading to work!   I told him he should drive Hannah’s car and fix the car after work today... but he likes his little commuter car and wanted to get it fixed.. talented man that he is....  there are advantages to being a mechanic…  he messed around with cars long before airplanes.. LOL.. 


Well after we get home it will be time for house pick up and finish making dinner..  Then .. who knows..  Probably an early evening for Tobin and me since he was up early it woke me up and I did not sleep much after that..  Good thing my older girls handle the home so well in the evening…  they tend to be the night crew..  I am the morning crew..  LOL..


Before I forget..  here is a pic of my grandson Caden that my daughter emailed to me this morning… my how he is growing!!



That sums up my Monday on the homestead! 


  1. Sounds like a busy day! I love the picture of your grandson! He's really cute!

    Catherine :-)

  2. Wow he has grown so quick! I miss the first few months but we are planning on having 4 more kids so there will be time for that later after we finish Seminary lol. =)

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Crystal,

    Love the new picture of Caden...he's adorable. Sounds like you had a nice and busy day on your homestead. Always love reading about your days.

    Love to you all,


  4. Caden is growing so well! He's such an adorable little thing! My goodness I'd babysit for her in a moment if she needed it! :D Talk to you soon!

  5. Crystal - I'm so glad to hear you are keeping the store stocked - hopefully by mid Nov things will slow down enough for me to get my Christmas order together!!

    I am making baskets again this year - featuring your soap, shampoo, lotions and lip balm and my baked goods - between the two of us - they should be pretty good baskets!!

    Caden is so adorable - I don't know how you stand it - not being right there - I guess this is the hard part of being a momma - the letting go!!

    Love ya -



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