Thursday on the Homestead


Last night I went to post this blog entry and could not log on..  so thought I would post it this morning.  I will update with Friday's happenings later!


Well the days do go by so fast and they seemed filled with so much lately.  Tobin had taken another day off from work today.  I always enjoy it when he is home.  The kids worked on school, Hannah had a house to clean and I worked on labeling some lotion and making bath salts.  Plus dinner…  we enjoyed Ashli’s 5-way Cincinnati Chili again tonight and this time we served it over curly-q noodles. 


Emily and Leanne baked 6 loaves of bread today.  Hannah is going to do another 6 loaves soon and do 4 of them cinnamon bread just like I mentioned on another blog entry.


I had a friend call me today.  She was soooo excited because she is getting a couple Nubian does.  Now she and hubby are in a scramble to set up for them.  Animals seem to be like that..  you always are working from the back forward..  you know you get the animal and then scramble to set up for them!     Anyway her hubby is here right now and Tobin is showing him our set up and the little goat shelter that he built not long ago, and showing our fencing and such. 


Tomorrow we may take the family back to town in search of dress shoes for the older girls.  After the dress shoes I THINK the shoes are done..  but then again I was thinking I needed a new pair of mud boots for Isaac..  soooo…  the shoe thing may not be over.


One time years ago someone at Tobin’s work said to him, “Wow 8 kids..  Your food bill must be so high!!”.  Tobin smiled and said, “It’s not the food, it’s the shoes!!!!”    haa.. haa..


If we don’t go into town tomorrow then we will just do homestead things here.  I have baking and cooking to do.  I have pinto beans soaking right now for use tomorrow in some soup of some kind.  I made a big batch of the Cincinnati Chili and made a very big green salad tonight and probably should do a couple dozen deviled eggs tomorrow and that should keep all the tummies full over the weekend..  Maybe Emily can throw in another yummy pumpkin cake! 







  1. How is the Grandbaby doing?


  2. I was unable to log on last night too. Such a bummer when you want to sit down and do some blog hopping!

    Good luck on that shoe shopping ~ I have trouble just keeping up with who needs what for shoes around here. Church shoes, boots, sneakers, flip flops (in 30 degree weather?!! Is it only MY child?) and since my kids go to school I am also suppose to somehow know when their gym shoes are now too tight or have no tread. Aye yi yi!

    Whatever you do today, may it be wonderful!


  3. I couldn't log in either, though I did later in the evening when I was up with Daegan.

    When I saw your line on the chili I smiled. I've got a batch cooking right now for this weekend as well. My second crock pot will hold chicken noodle soup. And I need to make bread, and today my daughter is making a "sprintle cake" (Sprinkle Cake).

    It sounds like you guys are ready for a wonderful weekend, I hope you enjoy it and your family! Good luck with those shoes. Sheesh, that's a lot of shoes!


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