Saturday on the Homestead


Yesterday Tobin and I spent the day in the big city running errands.  We had a nice day together.  We decided not to do the rest of the shoe shopping and bring kids, but just to have some time together.  We went out to lunch and that was fun..  Went to a place that serves asian food and you go through the line picking out the meat, veggies, noodles that you want (all raw)..  then add your own spices (they have a guide to show you), then you take it to the chefs who have this big open grill and they stir fry it all up in front of you.  Lots of fun to watch and eat!   


I was able to get the rest of the yarn I needed to make sure I could finish my shawl.  I wanted to crochet a triangular shawl and had picked out one pattern and then when I searched for the pattern I found another one (in my files) that I had saved and decided I wanted that one instead..  but it required more yarn than what I had purchased.  So now I will have what I need to finish it.  I will post a pic of it when it is done..  which may be awhile as I only seem to find the time to work on it at the end of my day and so only a few rows are added nightly. 


When we came home from town my girls were pulling cinnamon bread out of the oven.. oh my goodness.  The SMELL was sooo wonderful!!  What a joy..  is there really anything better than the smell of fresh baked goods in a home.  To me this just says HOME!!


Yesterday evening I got the new bath salts finished and listed in my country store.  I even took a bath last night and enjoyed the peppermint eucalyptus ..  very nice! 


Today looks like another busy day on the Miller Homestead.  I have soap to label and wrap, some more cooking to do and I am going to try to talk Emily into making that Pumpkin Spice Cake again..  the girls ran out of time yesterday..  and energy!  They did a lot in the kitchen while we were gone.  I also hope to work on my shawl some more.  I am watching the son of a good friend of mine for the day too.  He should be here very soon.  He is Isaac’s age and so the two of them will have fun today I am sure.  His dad will pick him up later this afternoon. 


That sums up my Saturday on my Homestead…  


  1. Crystal,

    So nice reading about your days. Your bath salts sound wonderful...I love taking a bath in the winter time. That pumpkin cake sure does sound good.

    Love ya my friend,


    p.s. I hope the kids got their "pockets"...sent them media mail and I'm sure it was slow.


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