Wednesday On The Homestead


Actually the day will be spent mostly off the homestead as this is my day to run errands and go to the big city for groceries.  I am hoping to stock up on basics so I don’t have to go back for awhile.. going to town is a real disruption to my schedule.


Emily will be dropped off at her job.  She will be watching over an 93 year old lady.  This woman is in great shape physically but mentally she is very forgetful and her son and daughter in law don’t like her alone during the day while they work (they could envision her turning on the stove to heat up some soup and forgetting about it or other things such as this).  Hannah watches her sometimes too.  This lady, the girls say, is the sweetest lady!  They enjoy being with her.  Her recent memory is pretty much shot.. although she plays a heck of a game of Skip Bo! LOL..  She does not like the fact that her son thinks she needs “looking after”..  so she treats Emily like a guest in the house.  Offers her tea, lunch, ice cream and books to read and the two of them play cards.  Hannah is often cleaning house while there so Miss Margaret thinks she is there for housekeeping purposes only..  she is always telling Hannah..  When you finish this or that job it is just fine if you would like to go home..    Hannah just smiles and says, OK thank you..    Of course the lady does not remember that she said that and a few minutes later is asking if she would like to play Skip Bo..    Older people are sweet..  you just have love them and respect them.. one day we will all be there.. I remind my girls about that often. 


On the home front my faithful sweet Leanne will be here keeping her younger brothers in line (a chore in itself.. LOL) and looking after Sierra of course which is pretty easy as she loves to be in the kitchen with Leanne cooking or reading or drawing and Leanne will be  baking bread and working on her math book.  Emily and Leanne have some personal goals in their math and wanted to start school now even though I won’t be starting with the rest of the kids for another couple of weeks.  I said that is fine with me! 


A new recipe to share..  Emily has been making these for us lately.  They are really good and very easy to whip up last minute:


Rosemary Breadstick Twists

Preheat oven to 400*


1/3 cup butter

2 1/4 cups whole wheat pastry flour

3/4 tsp salt

2 TBS parmesan cheese

1 TBS cane juice crystals (sugar)

3 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 cup milk

1 tsp dried rosemary, crushed

1 tsp minced garlic


Melt butter in a 9x13 baking pan. You have to watch it because the butter will burn.


In a mixing bowl combine flour, salt, cheese, sugar and baking powder. Stir in milk until just mixed.


Knead the bread until smooth. Roll it into a rectangle measuring 12x6. Cut into 12 one inch strips. 


Stir the rosemary and garlic into melted butter. Twist the one inch pieces 6 times, place in melted butter.


Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until lightly browned.



That sums up my Wednesday on the Homestead!


  1. What an awesome gift Emily is giving ~ her time. My husband's Godmother is 93 (Aunt Ruby). When my mother 'n law passed away in January 2003, I began calling her daily to check on her because I knew she missed my MIL and she is at home alone. But as the days grew into weeks - I really enjoyed talking every day to Aunt Ruby. I know Emily is honoring a job and commitment - but y'all may be surprised to learn at some point that she is really gaining too from the relationship as time goes on. Aunt Ruby tells me often - "You don't know how much I appreciate you calling me...." But truthfully, she gives me more than I do by calling - her undivided time and attention. We talk about 30 minutes to an hour every day. These are such small things that have been overlooked in this busy modern life. I look forward to talking to her every day and I don't know what I'll do w/myself when she's eventually not there for me to call ~

    What a wonderful life experience for Emily (and Hannah, too!)



  2. Crystal,

    I hope you and Hannah had a good shopping trip. Your children are so sweet and how kind to help that older lady...that is wonderful.

    Thinking of you all and sending my love,


  3. Hey lady! I'm finally finding time to read blogs- it's been raining! Imagine that- here!

    I think we are supposed to have another picnic soon. What do you think?


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