Monday On The Homestead


Oh my… what a busy day..  but aren’t most Monday’s?   I have been so busy on my homestead today.. Nothing earth shattering or huge..  just the basics of daily life… Laundry to take care of (wash, hang on the line, fold & put away), dinner preps (rice to soak aka Sally Fallon, hamburger to remember to bring out of the freezer.. all for tonight’s Mexican Hamburger Rice Bake), house to clean up from the weekend (sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, clutter pick up, dusting, laundry/pantry in constant need of organizing, etc..)… yes the typical Monday!!  Did I mention I made a batch of soap too??  Yes I made some more Rose w/rose petals soap.. it is selling very well.. rose is a scent that many enjoy. 


Aside from the Monday basics I also FINALLY ordered this year’s curriculum; my how late I am on this.  I usually start school by the beginning of October (the weather in this part of the country just demands that you be out and enjoying it! LOL.. the rest of the year is wet and muddy and not too enjoyable.. and the school work can be done during that time.. )..  Now I just hope it all arrives in time.. if not, I won’t sweat it.. we will start soon enough.


Hannah came home yesterday.. Yea!  I missed her SO much.. not for just all that she does here on our homestead but for her..  She has the sweetest personality and I really love just being with her.   Children are such a blessing and it made me realize that one day she will be out of the house and on her own (as her older brother and sister are now) and what a vacancy that will be in my life..  One of these days I will probably be writing about how to deal with the empty nest syndrome (but with my youngest at 8… it may be awhile.. )


For those that read my website, The Family Homestead  ( ) this morning I did a much needed update on my dessert section and posted lots of new recipes and even a new section on pie recipes..  if  you are interested here is the link:


Tobin and I spent the evening down at the pond enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree temps and just visiting about the days events..  It is a nice time together that we both enjoy.  Now he is catching up on things around the home…


That sums up my busy Monday on the Homestead!! 


  1. Crystal,

    As I read about your Monday on your homestead...I am just smiling!! I always love reading about your days and your family. That Hannah is a treasure for sure.

    Love to you all my dear friend,


  2. We have been blessed with an amazing run of Summer weather this year......I have started to feel that 'nip' in the air late night/early am tho..... :)

    Sounds like you had a great day Crystal, have a great night too :)


  3. Oh what a joy!! More recipes :O) And I just LOVE to hear about your days on the homestead! It brings much joy.

    Love in Christ,



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