Thursday on the Homestead


Yesterday was my daughter Leanne’s 15th birthday!  My how the years go by!  I can’t believe she is 15 already.. but I do say this with every child and every birthday. 


This is her picture from yesterday:



Today on my homestead it has been slow going.  I never seem to get quite enough sleep. If I could just get to bed sooner that might help!  But it never seems to happen. I go to be around 9:30 – 10:00 and I wake up with Tobin at 4:AM and start my day.  So it is no wonder I eventually at some point in the week have a slow day! 


I am a 7 to 8 hour a night person, and a steady diet of 6 hours a night seems like just not enough.  My husband has always done fine on 5 to 6 hours a night with an occasional 7 hour night.  How many hours do you sleep at night?  


Enough of that..  Right now Jacob and Isaac are stacking some more wood.  It is not a lot as in the past pictures I have shown.  It was wood cleared off the hillside when Tobin was putting in the fence.  Jacob got it cut up yesterday.


Emily and Leanne are washing and grading chicken eggs.  They sold 8 dozen yesterday and realized that if we had any walk up customers they don’t have any ready to go.. 


Sierra just got another Nancy Drew book in the mail from the library and my little book lover is lost in a new mystery. 


I just finished getting the chicken in the pot with water and salt and it is heating up.  We are having chicken noodle soup tonight..  simple enough.  Maybe some breadsticks to go with it.


Today is Leanne’s laundry day and she has her laundry going already.  I have one batch of shampoo bars to finish labeling and wrapping and two more batches of goat milk soap to label and wrap and a big batch of soap to cut.  SOOOO I really should be doing that instead of blogging..  but blogging is just a bit addictive! 


On that note, I guess I best get back to life on my homestead..  and another cup of coffee ~Yawn~    



  1. when making your chicken noodle soup, do you make a broth or a stock first?

  2. I couldn't function on no more sleep than you are getting. I'm embarrased to say, but I need 8, 9 or even 10 hours sleep sometimes. I'm definitely not sleep deprived! lol

  3. Crystal,

    So glad Leanne had a nice birthday....she sure is a beautiful girl. Please tell her she has beautiful eyes!!

    Love to you all,


  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Leanne! My Leanne turned 15 this year also, on July 1st...isn't that funny! She's never met another Leanne who spells her name the same way before. Take care, DianeM :)


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