Sunday on the Homestead


It is early morning (4:30am as I write this) and my hubby just left for work.  One year it would be nice if he had ‘normal’ weekends off.  But it seems in the airline business it is a 24/7 operation and days off can be spread anywhere through the week.  I remember years where his days off were Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I am content with Friday and Saturday! 


Our weekend was nice and more relaxed than past weekends.  We spent most of it inside due to wet weather which was sooo nice.  It is cooler now and really feels like fall!  I cleaned up my area where I store my soap making supplies and organized that a little better.  I got some soap made and Tobin cut it and it is curing now.  He and I wrapped some that was finished curing.  Tobin caught up other things too..  and we were able to rest.  Made us both feel like it was a restful weekend.


The goal for me this morning is to get the family to the early service at church.  When we get home I will, hopefully get a few things done.. or take a nap.. haa..haa.. we will see what appeals  more! 


I do have more soap to get made so I may prepare my molds and measure out oils and get ready for another big soap making afternoon.  I also have been making candles.  I have made paraffin candles before but after reading about the problems associated with burning paraffin I wanted to learn to make soy candles.  So that is what I am doing.  So far I have learned a lot, they are not hard to make and I am getting it figured out.  So if I don’t make soap I may make some more candles! 


Other than that I have dinner preps to do and work on a menu too for this upcoming week.  I have meals in mind and food in the house so it is just a matter of writing them down so I don’t have to do the thinking each day.. that part is done. 


Last night I made potato pancakes.  It has been a long time since I had made them.  The whole family really enjoyed them.  I served them with applesauce on top. They went along with baked chicken, muffins and peas.


Potato Pancakes


This is not a real exact recipe (which is nice because then you can adjust it to fit your family size).


Potatoes – as many as you want, wash but don’t peel


Flour, whole wheat pastry flour is what I used

Salt and pepper

Oil for frying, I used coconut oil but olive oil would be a good choice too


Grate potatoes.  I used my food processor to do this and it went very quick.  I grated about 10 medium sized yellow potatoes (but any potatoes you have will work).  Put the grated potatoes in a bowl and add eggs.  I added 3 nice sized chicken eggs to my 10 medium potatoes). Mix this well and sprinkle in flour until the liquid is fairly thick.  If it is too thin, add more flour.  This is not a real exact science, just play around with it and you will get the hang of it. Salt and pepper it all. 


Now heat up the oil in a fry pan.  Using a small (1/4 cup size) measuring cup, scoop out potatoes and put them in the hot oil.  Use the back of the measuring cup to flatten them down.  Let them cook until brown and turn to cook on the other side.  It takes a few minutes to cook; you want to make sure the potatoes are soft and cooked.


Serve a generous dollop of either sour cream or applesauce on top..  very yummy!!




That sums up my Sunday on the Homestead! 



  1. Mornin' Crystal ~

    Sounds like you, Tobin and the family had a great weekend - love those restful times, sure re-charges the batteries!!

    I love candles - I used to buy the Yankees all the time and now I buy Circle E candles out of Texas - our church bookstore sells them and I work in the bookstore on Wednesdays - so I get a discount. I would love to try your candles one day - I have tried soy before, from different places - they seem to not have enough scent to me - don't know if that has anything to do with the soy.

    Take you a nap this afternoone - love you~~


  2. Those sound wonderful!!

    My mom used to make us potato cakes but she made a different recipe, she used leftover mashed potatoes!! I make these now for our family!! We love them, can't wait to try yours!!

    Have a blessed day!!


  3. I haven't had these in years. I am always happy to find a recipe I do not have to convert for our fresh ground wheat. Thanks!

  4. Hi Crystal,

    Nothing like a Sunday afternoon them!!!

    Just wishing you a great Monday. I hope you all are well and wish you a wonderful week. Have Carolyn and Jonathan in my prayers...keep us posted.

    Love ya my friend,



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