Tuesday on the Homestead


Today is busy day for me.  I have a homeschool meeting this afternoon so that means I need to get several things done this morning before I leave.  Actually right now I feel like going back to bed!  LOL..  I am lacking in sleep even though my husband keeps telling me that 6 hours of sleep is plenty!!  Well it may be for him, but not for me!  The problem is actually finding the time for a nap!    I don’t think that will happen today. 


I have some beans soaking right now and I need to get those started for tonight’s dinner which will be bean soup of some sort.   I am trying out and messing around with some new bean recipes.  Beans are such a good quality, frugal food to use! 


We are still waiting for our curriculum to arrive. I guess it seems more like ‘school time’ now because it is raining and cool outside.  Sometimes September is just beautiful and warm and sometimes it is wet and cool.  For now, I guess it is wet and cool. 


I am waiting for “The Phone Call”.  My oldest daughter is nearing her due date and I find myself unable to think of much else. She will call when things start happening (and lots of pre-labor things are starting to happen which has put me on higher alert now). My dearest, closest friend (she is like a sister to me) and I will be flying down to be with her (hopefully) while she has her little baby.  She is having a home birth, which I am thrilled about.  She was less than impressed with the hospitals and doctors in her area.  So I am praying that all goes smoothly for her. I have had 5 homebirths myself and I think she just grew up seeing that birth was normal and that is also why she has chosen to deliver at home. 


I guess it is time to get breakfast started for the kiddos..  they will be waking up soon.  I am posting their new fall schedules so they can get use to the idea of more structure. I don’t know why, but all the structure flies out the window during the summer!


Here is a look at Jacob’s morning routine (he is 12):


Jacob’s Schedule


~Get up

~Get dressed down to socks and shoes

~Make bed

~Pick up room: no toys, clothes, junk on the floor, under the bed, on top of dresser and desk

~Come downstairs

~Take care of baby goats IF milking is done

~Eat breakfast



1. Wipe off table after breakfast

2. Sweep dining room floor and mop if needed

3. Clean bathroom

4. Extra help as needed


Start school work



I am still working on Sierra’s and Isaacs.  The older girls don’t need to have it all spelled out they seem to get with a new schedule better than me!! 


That sums up my Tuesday on the Homestead!!


  1. Yay! How exciting! Is this her first? I've heard that with first pregnancies you should have access to hospitals due to the higher risk is that true? Do you use Dulas at home? It sounds like something I would be interested in someday.

    Congrats to you! I can't wait to hear all the beautiful details of the precious little one!

  2. Yes this is her first baby. She is 5 minutes from the nearest hospital... I guess it is whatever you are comfortable with and she was not comfortable with the doctors or the local hospitals... I am supporting her 100% in her decision to have the baby at home. No she does not have a doula to be with her.. I am hoping I can be there and my friend to help her through her labor and delivery..

    Crystal :)

  3. I wanted to have Madie at home. But I was a high risk pregnancy and hubby was not comfortable with that. I think that is such a blessing to have them at home. Congratulations on being a Grandma! I do not know if this is the first or not, but all are very special!

    Tina Kay

  4. Congrats, and I am sending my prayers for her, my first grandbaby is due November 21. I am excited too.

    Keep us posted.



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