Tuesday on the Homestead

OK.. no baby yet!  I am still waiting..


Other than that.. my Tuesday on my homestead is/was business as usual.  Laundry, school work with the kids, housekeeping, web business stuff to work on, and more.. I know there was more because I was doing it! LOL..


The older girls just left for a Bible study at a local church. It is not the church we attend but one that is near us and they know a few girls that will be there so we thought this might be something that they might enjoy doing. 


Jacob, Sierra and Isaac are currently working on a Nancy Drew mystery on CD.. they love these things.  Tobin and I want to watch the next to the last episode of Pretender (first season)..  it is a two part episode so we will have to watch the other half tomorrow.  But we may wait till the girls are home as half the fun of watching them is doing this as a family….


Bedtime seems to come early when you get up at 4:AM  LOL… and I think we may just do that instead! 


Dinner tonight was spaghetti, garlic toast, peas & corn, coleslaw.  Easy and yummy. I still need to make sure I have several meals all planned out before I leave to my oldest daughters. 


Now my friend and I have a plan.. if the baby has not come by Thursday her and I will leave Thursday night and stay the weekend and see if we can make things happen.  


That sums up Tuesday on the Homestead!! 


  1. Gosh...doesn't that babe know how much we are thinking about him/her?! :)

    Glad you have a plan...much easier to handle with a plan...praying you are able to get down there in time still...and have a very enjoyable weekend...with a BIRTH!!!



  2. Crystal,

    Sure have been thinking of you all. Can't wait for this baby boy to be born!!!

    Oh, I LOVE your new gift baskets...they ALL are wonderful.

    Love ya my friend,


  3. Crystal - I dont' know how you are sleeping at night - you probably aren't!!!

    Praying for you dear....


  4. This comment is going to be different from the baby comments you've been getting :D I LOVE Pretender. I didn't realize it was on DVD. Now if they would just bring back The Equalizer too!


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