MOnday Madness...

1. How long have you been blogging? 

I started my first blog on the Homeschool Blogger over a year ago.  Then moved over here to Homestead Blogger when it started.


2. How many times have you taken a break from blogging? 

Only a few..  I really LOVE blogging.. it is a lot of fun…


3. How long is the longest you've gone, so far, without posting on your blog? 

A couple of weeks


4. How many fellow bloggers do you keep in touch with, through your blogs, on a regular basis? 

I have lots of friends!!  I love reading their blogs when I get a chance.. I am a very busy lady on the web and don’t have nearly enough time to visit as many fellow bloggers as I would like to! 


5. Have you ever met, in person, a blogger on your blogroll?

Well yes and no…. I have met a couple of my fellow bloggers… Dalyn and Tara..  but we knew each other in the cyber world before we were blogging… 


6. How often do you update/change the 'extra' stuff on your blog?   

Not as often as I update my website, web store and my message board! 


7. Do you think you'll be blogging for years to come?  

Oh yes!! Certainly if I am able I will be blogging!! 


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