Sunday on the Homestead


I started this morning by taking Hannah’s tires to her.  She is house sitting and on Wednesday last week she was driving on gravel and slid into a ditch.  Had to have a tow truck come and pull her out (and put her spare tire on as one tire was flat).  She was a bit shaken; but not hurt, thankfully!  So Tobin and I drove up to where she was at (she is over an hour from here).  Tobin had another spare tire with him and he put that on the car too as the other tire was packed with gravel. 


He and I went to the city the next day and had the tires fixed.  She was supposed to come home on Saturday so dad could put the new tires on her car.  Well she called me and told me she had driven to the nearest little town and soon after getting home she saw that one of the spare tires was flat!  It is a blessing it did not happen while on the road or there would have been another $100 tow bill (really I think I liked dealing with kids as babies better than this young adult stuff!!!  LOL).


So today I drove up there with the 2 fixed tires and she changed them herself.  One of things my husband requires from all his children (both the boys and the girls) is that before they can get their drivers license they must know how to change a tire.  He works with them until they can do it themselves.  I know this is the aircraft mechanic in him..   because my dad never had me do that and today if I ever get a flat tire I call my husband!! LOL..  I was proud of Hannah this afternoon as I watched her change both tires! 


I came home and started a batch of feta cheese.  We really like this stuff!  Yesterday for breakfast I made Tobin an omelet with sautéed onions and feta cheese..  he loved it! 


I also fed my sourdough and got the hamburger out for tonights dinner which is going to be spaghetti.  


Tobin is still working so hard on our goat fencing. Our property has so many hills and blackberry brambles and roots, etc..  that it is has been a huge challenge to get most of it fenced.  I have seen picturesque farms with lots of flat land all neatly fenced in…. well that is NOT my homestead.. LOL..  Mine goes up a hill..  That is to be expected because I live in a gorge..  you  know mountains on both sides and the mighty Columbia River in between. 


Soon my goat boys will have there new home!!  Tobin has the shelter all built, the electricity wired to the little shelter, the charger hung in there and even a light in there.  He is hoping that by tomorrow the wire will be all strung (6 rows) and we will be moving the boys in there. 


That is how we are spending our holiday weekend on our homestead! 





  1. I sure know what you mean about the young adults. Mom always said little kids, little worries, big kids, big worries. My 22 yo ds has been in 5 accidents. He had totaled 2 cars. One was his fault. It is scary world out there, and sometimes I wish they would have stayed little forever, lol


  2. homesteadinthemakingSeptember 4, 2006 at 1:36 AM

    We have that piece of flat land that is all neatly fenced. I would so love to look out at a hill occasionally.LOL. That sounds about like how we spend every holiday.




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