Monday on the Homestead


Today has been a busy Monday.  I spent some of the day putting together gift baskets for my web store and taking pictures and getting it all up on my site.  You can see them here:


Then it was laundry.  Seemed like a lot more than usual today.  Isaac had a spelling test and finished all the rest of his first batch of Paces.  So I guess he is on to a new set of Paces tomorrow.  I helped Sierra learn more about the dictionary, how it works and how to look up words.  Jacob did his school pretty quickly.  For now most of it is review.  After school work was done it was lunch (leftovers from the weekend) and then hang laundry on the line, make sure the house was picked up and work some more on my site.


I am still in Washington so I guess that answers the question on whether my daughter has delivered her baby.. not yet!  We are a couple days overdue now.  And I am feeling like things may be happening (mostly from corresponding with her)..  so I may be flying out tomorrow..  I actually hope so!!  I am excited for this to happen and want to be there for her!


Dinner tonight is Navy Bean Soup, Cole Slaw and Rosemary Bread Sticks…  Yum…  then we will watch another episode of the Pretender..  Not having network TV makes me really out of the loop on what is happening on this front..  but my kids started watching the Pretender (which is an old TV show) on DVD awhile back.  They had borrowed it from friends.  They loved it and started bugging Tobin and I to watch it.  We rarely watch any TV..  we don’t have time!! But after being bugged enough we said we would watch the first episode..  well we were hooked!!  We are almost done with the first season (after almost a year! LOL.. shows we still don’t watch much even when we are “hooked”!)  When people ask me.. “how do you do it all?”  I guess I can say.. I don’t watch TV and I don’t sleep much!  LOL  ( I have talked previously about my 6 hour nights!)..


That sums up my Monday on my Homestead..  now it is time for dinner and an evening with the family!! 


  1. Anxious to hear about the new grandbaby! Is this your first? We're expecting our 2nd one in a few weeks! I know how you feel!

  2. Crystal,

    Have you in my prayers my dear friend. So excited to hear all about this baby boy!!! I know Jonathan and Carolyn will LOVE having you there with them.

    Love you,


  3. Was checking to see if you had left yet...

    such an exciting time!!!

    Praying you are able to get there before the blessed event. But also praying that all goes perfectly!

    Can't wait to hear the great news!!!



  4. I understand about not having time to watch tv. We don't have a television but I still can't see how I would have time to watch anything if we did lol.

    So exciting to hear about your daughter's soon to be born baby! I bet you are excited.

    Have a great week!

  5. Crystal - I am so excited...eveeryday I get on the homestead to see if HE is here yet!! Praying for Caroline....and the nervous grandmother!!!



  6. Hey Crystal,

    I love you and your friend's plan!! hehe How exciting, so hard to wait...! Praying for an easy and safe delivery for mom and baby! I can't wait to hear the news :)


    Jammyphoto (Jenn)


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