Friday on the Homestead


Today is Tobin’s normal day off.  So it begins our weekend..  this was a very short week!  Only 3 days.. I really like that, wish they all were that short, then he could be home doing the things around the homestead he would like to do!   Today Tobin put new plastic on the greenhouse.  The goats had really torn up the plastic that was there.  Now that they are out of there he wanted to get it covered before the rainy season starts.  He also rototilled the garden.  I told it that if was May I would be getting excited about planting! LOL..  but next year for sure! 


I wrapped up more soap.  I am just being slow about it. I have done quite a few dozen and right now have about 4 more dozen bars to wrap. 


The girls and I made crepes for breakfast. I  think we are finally fine tuning our recipe.  There are tons of crepe recipes and I just keep trying out things.. add more eggs, less flour, more or less milk, etc..  this mornings were the best so far!  I will share the recipe after I get it written out properly.   I also peeled and chopped up 4 small apples and 3 pears and added a bit of water and cooked them until soft.  Then I added butter and honey and let it simmer a little longer.  We filled the crepes with the fruit and drizzeled the honey syrup over the top.. yum!! 


That was more of a brunch because everyone was up way to late this morning..  I told them enough is enough!  We need to start getting back on a better schedule even though we won’t start school for a bit longer.  Dinner tonight is chicken noodle soup (I made a huge pot last night so we could have leftovers tonight).  Emily is making some breadsticks and we cut up carrots and made ranch dressing to go with the soup.


I am so happy to say that our barn is now full of hay!!  Tobin picked up one ton on his way home from work last night and we unloaded that, then him and I went back and got another tone.  Two tons will feed our goaties just fine this winter.  This morning I had to look in the barn again and see all that pretty green hay stacked up in there..  Makes me feel almost as good as full pantry!  LOL.. 


Well it is time to chat and visit with my hubby who just finished mowing some of our property.. 


  1. Crystal,

    I know it's a GREAT feeling to have a barn full of hay!!! You guys are set!!

    Love to you all,



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