Menu Monday


I have a busy week ahead! I especially need my meals well planned. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but my daughter Leanne arrives home on Saturday so our family decided to wait and celebrate the holiday with her. So we will be having our big feast of thankfulness on Sunday.

Enchiladas, chips & salsa, salad – I have extra people in the house so I’m making 2 pans of enchiladas. I’m filling them with hamburger & rice and covering one with a red enchilada sauce and the other with sour cream enchilada sauce.

Chicken noodle soup, french bread, salad

Teriyaki meatballs, coconut brown rice, salad


Lasagna, french bread, salad

Horderves for Leanne’s “welcome home” party – after picking up Leanne from the airport my family will gather at my home to give Leanne a welcome home celebration.. the horderves will consist of little smokies in bbq sauce, hoagie roll sandwiches cut in thirds and put on a platter, veggie platter w/ranch dip, bacon cheddar stuffed mushrooms, crab dip and chips – my daughters will be helping to make all these as I’ll be working on preparations for Thanksgiving dinner! :)

Thanksgiving Dinner w/family



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