Finding Joy in Homemaking: Part 3

Today’s thought is: Routines, lists and planning keep life flowing smoothly

A routine is a plan of action for your day. Keep your day orderly. Spend time with basic household upkeep and keep clutter to a minimum. Make time in the day for food preparations and plan out meals to prevent stress at the end of the day. Keep a calendar of appointments and activities so you can be prepared ahead of time. Make lists to help keep you focused on what needs to be tackled each day. A life with order can bring much joy.



  1. Even though I think I am pretty organized I have let my Home Binder fall to the wayside this year. It seems bulky and takes up too much of my counter space but if it isn't laying out for all to see we tend to lose our way. You have inspired me to get back to my Home Binder at the turn of the new year! Thanks Crystal!


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