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November is really racing by! In fact I’m finding it hard to believe how fast this year has gone by. In just a few weeks we will be embracing a new year. But oh so much excitement before that happens. I love this time of year. The holidays are always exciting to me. However I will confess that I’ve not done any Christmas shopping yet and the thought of that is a little overwhelming, LOL! How are you doing on your Christmas shopping? Do you plan ahead, make homemade gifts, be prepared as early as possible? Wait until the last minute? :) I will say as a last minute shopper type I do almost all my shopping online. Between Amazon, Target and Walmart I can get most of it done rather quickly. And I’m thankful for UPS as well! LOL!!


The countdown continues with Leanne! She will be home from S. Korea in 2 weeks! We can hardly wait. She has been gone one year now and it seems like forever! She is super excited too. She has been busy preparing to leave. She has household items to gift to other teachers. This seems to be how it is done. Anything acquired that cannot be taken home is given to other teachers. Items like crockpots, coffee makers, extra pots and pans, and even furniture. She can bring home 2 suitcases and that is it. Not worth the cost to bring those items home. Despite her excitement she has to still stay focused on her job. She works right up until the day before she boards her plane home. She plans to come home and regroup and decide what her next step in life will be. She is not sure she wants to continue teaching and is considering looking into writing/editing type work. I’ll be interested to see what her plans will be. In the meantime the holidays are upon us and she will relax and enjoy family time. Since Thanksgiving is on the 28th we decided to celebrate our holiday on the 1st, the day after she arrives home. She missed last Thanksgiving and we wanted to be able to celebrate it with her.


I’m very proud of my son Jacob. He recently took his biology CLEP and passed with a fantastic score! He now has acquired almost 3 years’ worth of college credits in about 1 years’ time. He plans on enrolling in Thomas Edison State College in January to finish getting the needed classes for his degree. He is working towards a degree (nontraditionally as his sisters have done) in computer systems and analysis. He also works 30 hours a week delivering pharmaceuticals to nursing homes at night. He has paid for all his education to this point and saved money as well to finish his degree. I’ve written a few articles in the past on earning a degree nontraditionally and was thinking of writing about it again as it is timely subject with so many kids today being saddled with incredible debt from college loans.


As I write this blog post I’m waiting for my daughter Emily and her hubby Brandon to arrive and spend the night with us (although I probably won’t get this post up until tomorrow morning). We so look forward to their visits and I’ve made pizza for us to enjoy. My daughter’s job is very demanding (staff account for a firm in the city and in the midst of corporate tax season) and she so values time to sit back and relax and I’m happy to make her time as relaxing as possible. They enjoy coming up to our place for a weekend visit every now and again, and some of mama’s home cooked food and a leisurely morning of coffee and breakfast together.

That’s all from the homestead for now!! Hope you have a blessed weekend!


  1. I love the holidays and family time. Right now all of my children are still at home (10 mo-15 years). I know I'll be looking forward to having them home when they grow up and out. I hope you have a wonderful time with all of your family.

    1. I love them too Jennifer!! As children grow up and move on.. there is just nothing more special than to have them back home for the holidays.. :) Crystal

  2. Lots going on in your life. Is your father in law still living with you?
    I've been working on Christmas gifts since September. I have one more apron to make and a new potholder pattern I want to try. I have soap that is ready and I've been picking up gifts here and there. I'll take the grands for a 'trial toy run' this next week and get a wish list.

    1. Lately my FIL is having a little visit with my brother in law.. Sounds like your Christmas plans are going well.. I have a baby blanket to crochet that I need to start working on tomorrow! :)


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