Photo Credit!!

My daughter Sierra has been a huge blessing to me. She is an up and coming photographer and enjoys any opportunity to practice and improve her skills. She has been taking many of the pictures here on my blog (all pics on my blog topper where hers). You can tell the difference between her pics and mine.. hers looks really great! Ha, ha!! :D

Seriously though she has an eye for a picture.. I’ve been able to tell her what my blog posts are about and she creates the picture for me. I’m ever so grateful to her.

She has started a Face Book page to post her work on; both her photography and her art. She is a wonderful artist as well. If you’d like to see more of her work you can take a peek at her FB page and give it a 'like' if you are so inclined..

Coyote Free Art & Photography: 


  1. Her pictures are great! What program did she learn through? I would like to take a photography course. Also the captcha you have to enter to leave a comment is extremely hard to see. Just to let you know ;)

    1. Hi Mama G.. Sierra has learned her photography from my son in law Brandon who has done professional photography in the past and does it for family and fun only.. he has taught her a lot and helped her get her camera and lenses and such. Sorry to hear the captcha is hard to read.. google is in charge of that one.. :/ .. I tried to go without it but ended up with tons of spam.. Crystal :)


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