Finding Joy in Homemaking: Part 6

Today’s thought is: Remember what it is all about

On day 1 we talked about homemaking being a ministry. In the midst of it all take time to remember what it is all about, your family. Hug your babies and as they grow, keep hugging. Nothing I appreciate more today is when my 30 year old son walks into the house and gives his mama a hug. Sit and read to your children, cuddle with them, make cookies with them, listen to them laugh and listen to them when they have something to say.

Treat your husband each day with love and kindness. Thank him often for all his hard work. Make him a priority in the day, not the last thing to “deal with” at the end of the day. Cuddle, talk and enjoy him and never stop nurturing your marriage.

When all is said and done the job of a homemaker is about the family, not the house. The house is important, but we do it all for them.. our husband and our children.


  1. I love your Blog and have been following since 2008, you taught me to make bread and many other things :) However, my life is much different, in so many ways I wish I could live in your shoes...I and my Hubby are happily married 8 yrs. in 2 weeks,been together 14,moved from Wash State "Spokane" 13 yrs. ago to Florida, his kids moved down with us,so I helped raise and nurture the 3 of them, we both have worked full time and I still do and the kids are in their 20's and all moved out...But one thing remains,every day I come to your Blog to remember why each day is so important and even though I could not have a child of my own I am blessed to have had his..Thank you for your wondeful Blog and all it has taught me and teaches me daily ! Shannon


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