Fall Decorations

I admit I’m not the craftiest of people. However I’m truly blessed to have a creative talented daughter that is quite crafty! What I’ve admired about her creative side is that she examines what is around her, in the house or outdoors, and uses it for her creations. She loves to decorate for whatever season or holiday we are in. She asked while we were in town last week if she could stop at the Dollar Store. She wanted a few little extras to work with for some fall decorations. I was happy to oblige her on this. I spent $7 for a few flowers and some candles. She took that and items we already had and created a few beautiful decorations that are now brightening up our home. It’s nice to know that making a house a home does not have to cost a lot. If you need a little inspiration on decorating your home maybe her pictures will help give you some ideas on using things around you to create beautiful decorations for your home.

The little milk jug and wine glasses were purchased at Goodwill, dried flowers from the Dollar Store ..

The candle from the Dollar Store, the leaf from outside, the other items were from the home..

Tree branches from outside, the flower from the Dollar Store, the rest from the home…

All of these items were things we currently had (evergreens and twigs from outside) …

The last one is a centerpiece for the dining room table. The ivy is actually real; the wine glass/coffee bean candles I showed you in my last blog post and the plastic flowers were from the Dollar Store…

I hope this may have given you a little decorating inspiration for this beautiful fall season!!



  1. I love the simplicity of it all.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Love the decorations! She is very talented. my favorite is the leaf tied to the candle.

    1. Sure does make the house looks so fall like and homey right now.. :) Crystal

  3. I like the leaf and the candle! I also like the twine wrapped around the vase. Nice job!


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