Crockpot Chili using my own Pre-Prepared Foods

In the last several weeks I’ve been sharing freezer and winter canning foods. These items have come in so handy. It is extremely nice to be able to pull something out of the freezer or off the shelf and have a meal come together super quick. Makes all the time spent making these foods more than worth the effort. I take days when I am home and able to do more in the kitchen to help me prepare for days when I am not able to be in the kitchen. Yesterday was one of those days.

I had to go into town to grocery shop. My cupboards were pretty sparse. But I knew that my energy level might not be all that great after a 4 to 5 hour trip into town (I am feeling better, but the energy levels are still not back to 100%). I had crockpot chili on my menu. So before I left for town here is what I did…

I pulled out 2 packages of my hamburger mix that I made a couple of weeks ago. You can find that post here: . And I got 1 quart of my canned red beans off the shelf. You can find info on canning beans here: .

Then I put the hamburger mix and the beans in my crockpot…

Added spices (according to my crockpot chili recipe: ) and 1 can of diced tomatoes (my recipe calls for 2 cans of diced tomatoes, but I put diced tomatoes in my hamburger mix so I figured 1 can would be enough).

Put the crockpot on low and left for the day. After 6 hours I had a yummy crockpot full of chili…

I had originally planned to make cornbread with this meal, but was not feeling up to that after all the shopping and putting away groceries and all that jazz… so I served tortilla chips and salsa with the meal along with a salad and homemade ranch dressing that was already made in the fridge ( ) .

Everyone in the family walked away feeling full and satisfied and my effort in this meal fit with my energy level .. :)



  1. Thanks for sharing ! Looks great !!

  2. That looks yummy. We had a big "freezer" meal session this weekend and used several of your recipes. Teriyaki Pork, Island Pork, Honey Dijon Chicken, BBQ Beef (2 bags), Italian Sausage and Peppers (2 bags)all went into the freezer in addition to other things. In fact, BBQ beef is in the crockpot cooking now. Thanks for all the sharing you do.

  3. Have to let you know -- even my pickiest eater loved the BBQ Beef. I couldn't believe it. I was prepared for her to make herself a meal of nothing but rice and green

    1. Shara, thanks for sharing! I am so happy to know the BBQ Beef was enjoyed!


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