It’s the Small Things

Sometimes I am amazed how something so simple can make life flow smoother around my home. Here it is..

This little organizer solved a huge problem in the shower. With 7 of us using one shower and everyone having their favorite shower soaps, shampoo’s, shave gels and on and on… it seemed everything always looked a mess. So while in Target the other day I saw this and thought.. this is it, the solution to my problem! I came home, gave the bathroom a good cleaning and set up my organizer. Then I stood back and looked and smiled.. awww… much better..

Made me also realize that yes, it is possible to live with several people in the house and only one bathroom. Organization seems to be the key. I was a little slow and coming to this shower organizer because it seemed in the past it was not really needed. Everyone used my homemade soaps and shampoo bars, etc. But as the kids have gotten older they like to purchase their own items and before I knew it I was fighting all kinds of bottles of “stuff” in there.

Sometimes it’s just the small things that can make my day! ~smile~


  1. I agree! Sometimes the little things make the biggest differences!
    Hope you enjoyed our beautiful sunshine today:)
    Blessings, Aimee

    1. Hi Aimee.. I knew you lived close to me but did not know it was SO close!! I just took a peak at your blog.. very nice!! Do you live in the Gorge also?? If you do, maybe one day we should meet up for coffee?? Crystal :) and yes indeed.. I totally loved the beautiful sunshine today!!! :)

  2. Crystal,
    What a great idea. Feels good to have it all organized, I know.
    Love ya friend,


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