Homestead Break

I just had a 3 day break away from my homestead. One thing I find is that it is incredibly hard to just stop and take a break while at home. On Sunday my hubby took me away for 3 days (gotta love that man :). It was my birthday gift from him. We went to the Oregon coast. It is about a 3 hour drive from our home. I had the most wonderful time. It was so nice to not have to worry or think about anything :).. My kids handled the homestead without me and I relaxed, walked on the beach, enjoyed seafood and much needed rest.. all with my super fantastic husband, who needed the break away as much as I did. Today I arrived home to a clean house and dinner simmering away in the crockpot (thanks to my daughter Sierra who did not want me to have to cook when I got home.. gotta love that girl :)… 

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming.. :)



  1. Glad you had a nice break. You have raised some terrific kids!

    ~frugalmomntraining (Lisa) on your message boards.

  2. I miss your Oregon coastline. I lived in Crescent City for a bit and spent all of my spare time driving up the Oregon coast. From Brookings Harbor to Coquille, I was in love. What a blessing to LIVE up there. Happy belated birthday and I hope this is a great week for you.

  3. Yeah!!!!! Glad you had such an awesome time, your hubby is so sweet!!! And yeah to Sierra for getting dinner ready --- that is awesome!!

    love ya <3

  4. Oh yes! Those breaks are wonderful. We usually get ours in the late summer after the hay has been put up. Isn't it nice to have older children who can handle the place?! Glad to have you back and hope you feel rejuevenated.

  5. Happy Birthday ~ your picture is gorgeous!

  6. How sweet! You have a wonderful family.

  7. Happy late birthday Crystal. So glad you and Tobin were able to get away...I know how much you both love doing that.

    Thinking of you and love ya,

  8. We homestead near the beach and one of my daughter's chores is to take the dogs for a walk on the beach on non-rainy days. Sometimes she takes the goats to the beach, too :)


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