Crockpot Freezer Meals Part 3

You can find all the crockpot freezer meals that I have previously posted on my website here:

On my Friday grocery shopping day I purchased 9lbs of pork loin from Costco. I got it for a great price, $1.69 a pound. I used the meat to make 3 crockpot meals for the freezer. Again, as I’ve said these meals are on the larger size as I am feeding 7 of us (5 adults & 2 teens). So if you are feeding less people than this the meals can be divided in half and you will end up with even more meals in your freezer.

On the day I was preparing the meals I began by cutting up the meat. This is what I started with..

And this is what I ended up with:

I had 9lbs of meat and used 3lbs for each freezer meal.

The first recipe I made was Island Pork.

Crockpot Island Pork for the Freezer (makes 2 meals)

6lbs pork roast cut into bite size pieces
2 oranges, peeled and cut into pieces
2 cans (14oz) crushed pineapple
4T soy sauce
1 t ground cloves
½ t pepper
4T cornstarch
4T water

Divide ingredients between 2 1-gallon size zip lock bag. Seal bag. Squish the ingredients together and freeze. On cooking day, dump contents of bag into crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours. Serve over brown rice.

We had this on Monday night for dinner. It was very good! I ended up adding a bit more soy sauce, but other than that it was very good and look forward to serving it again.  The whole family gave it 2 thumbs up. This recipe makes 2 meals. The ingredients are divided between 2 gallon size zip lock bags.

I began by peeling the oranges and cutting them up. I used pint jars of my zucchini pineapple that I canned last summer in place of the crushed pineapple the recipe calls for. I gathered my ingredients together..

I put 3lbs of meat into each of my gallon size zip lock bags. I then added the orange and pineapple to each bag..

Then added the spices, cornstarch and water..

Sealed the bag and squished all the ingredients to mix them well and freeze.

The second meal I made was Crockpot Teriyaki Pork. This recipe made 1 meal.

Crockpot Teriyaki Pork for the Freezer

3lbs cut up pork tenderloin
1 onion, sliced
½ cup soy sauce
½ cup sucanat or brown sugar
1t minced garlic
½ t ginger powder

Put all ingredients in a large zip lock bag. Seal the bag and squish around to mix it up. Freeze. On cooking day dump contents into crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours or until meat is cooked and tender. Serve over brown rice.

I gathered all my ingredients together..

Put the ingredients into a gallon size zip lock bag..

Sealed the bag and squished around the ingredients until well mixed and put it in the freezer.



  1. Another great tutorial! I'd like to link your postings to my blog in a future article as I've had several readers ask about this concept.

    Warm wishes from Kansas!

    1. Hi Poppy.. go right ahead and link to them.. :)

  2. I am loving your ideas! Want to make them all! Thank you crystal!

    1. You're welcome! They have been so nice to have on hand. :)

      Crystal :)

  3. For any of your freezer crock pot meals do you have to thaw before cooking or do you throw it in frozen?

    1. Tonja, I let them sit on the counter long enough to defrost to the point where I can break it up and fit it into my crockpot. If I'm in a rush I've also set the bag in a sink of warm water to achieve the same goal. You can set them in the fridge the night before to defrost if you would rather do that.

      Crystal :)

  4. Thank you so much for these recipes and links to other crockpot recipes. I threw the Mexican chicken recipe together before I left this morning and came home to a awesome meal . Everyone loved it ! Dont know if you have the restraunt in WA called Chipotles but is is a real popular one out here in Ohio. They serve a Lime Cilantro rice with a chicken dish like the Mex chicken. I did a search for the Copycat recipe online and found it. I will make it next time to go with this. Thanks for all your time you invest in your website.

    1. Stefanie, thanks for the tip on the Lime Cilantro rice.. sounds very yummy!! I will search for the copycat recipe..

  5. I pinned this recipe over a year ago and tried both-- both were huge busts for our family.

    As a point of record- the pin on my Pinterst for this link gets repinned upwards of 100 times per week-

  6. How long are you supposed to cook these for in the crock pot???

    1. Hi Ashly.. the cooking times for both recipes are listed in the recipes.. both cook on low for 8 hours. Crystal :)


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