Happy 14th Birthday Isaac!

My son Isaac turned 14 yesterday! As I always say when my children have a birthday.. “Where has all the time gone?!” .. seems like he was my little shadow following me all around not all that long ago. Isaac is my 8th child and 3rd son. 

We had a very fun party for him. Most of the family was able to make it, but some had to work and could not. We had a great evening.

The birthday boy with his new camera..

My daughter Sierra really wanted to do something fun for his birthday cake. She is my creative artist. She found a website that had showed how to make rainbow cake in a jar. She had a lot of fun making these little cakes..

I made 2 pizza’s…

And had a taco bar. I kept the taco shells warm in my large crockpot and in the small crockpot I kept the taco meat warm..

Isaac is such a good kid.. I am so thankful for him. He loves to skateboard, ride his bike, play with his friends, play xbox, and ballroom dancing.. he is currently practicing for a dance competition coming up this spring.. He is smart and has a great sense of humor which we all love!

Happy Birthday to my Boy!! 


  1. Crystal,
    It's so hard to believe that Isaac is 14. Wow!!
    What a sweet and good looking boy he is.
    Thinking of you all and love ya,

  2. Such a special Mom who spends the time planning and putting on a great birthday celebration ! Bless you !

  3. He's lucky to have such a great Mom :) Happy birthday Isaac!

  4. I agree, what a lucky boy to have such a dedicated mom! Time does fly by. Isaac sounds like a wonderful and talented young man! Some young lady is going to be very lucky to fine a young man who can ballroom dance these days!


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