Tuesday on the Homestead

I have granola on my to-do list this morning!!  I am completely out and the kids are clamoring for more..  it seems to be one of those items that is hard for me to keep up on!


I also have the monthly homeschool meeting this afternoon.  My girls do the child care for the meeting. 


Jacob, Sierra and Isaac have swim lessons this morning and Hannah will take them and then pick up milk for my kid goats.  The lady who gave me the kids, is giving me the milk to feed them too..  what a deal!!  J


Starting today Emily will have a new go at her contacts.  She lost one over the weekend and I called the dr.’s office yesterday and they had an extra set.  So Hannah went and picked them up after her vet volunteer time.  Now if she can keep these until the next appt. everything will be great!! 


I almost have the rest of my diapers for my daughter done.  I am now working on the flat fold ones. And I hope to finish the last 3 this morning and then I will box them up send them to her. 


After that I have a skirt pattern for Sierra to make.  I bought the greatest teach your child to sew type book, came complete with patterns!  So for starters Sierra will make herself a skirt and then maybe the little top to match.  She is really enjoying learning to sew.  I don’t think there will be any time for sewing today, but maybe I can trace the patterns out for her this evening and she can iron her fabric and tomorrow we can cut it out.  


I also have fabric for a skirt and need to trace my pattern.  So I may do the same thing while I supervise Sierra on hers. 


Then we will have to make a matching outfit for her doll!  The pattern book has patterns for matching doll clothes.


My new kid goats are doing great!  They are still on 3 bottles a day, but that should drop to 2 bottles by sometime this week.  Tomorrow I disbud everyone. 


That seems to sum up my Tuesday on the Homestead!! 


  1. OurLittleHomesteadApril 18, 2006 at 1:24 AM


    what's the title on that sewing book ? :)


  2. I understand...I have a limit of 2-3 mornings a week...otherwise it would be granola every morning (especially for dh...he LOVES it)!! I would have to make it 2x a week at that rate!! YIKES...it is good though!!

  3. Is that part of your homestead in the picture?

    Whether or no, it's a beautiful scene!


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