Sourdough Bread Success!!

Today was a very busy day for me, but before my day got to far advanced I was able to mix up my first batch of sourdough bread.  I followed Sally Fallon’s recipe (from her book Nourishing Traditions..  a really wonderful book if you are interested in improving your health!)  Her recipe called for the sourdough starter, wheat flour (I used hard white wheat and a little spelt), salt and water.  Pretty plain and simple!!  I mixed it and kneaded it and formed it into 3 loaves.  The recipe says to let it rise 4 to 12 hours.  I left and went to town to go to the eye doctor for my daughter and then into the big city to buy groceries and run a couple of errands.  I got home and the bread had risen beautifully!!  It had been 7 hours and I was very impressed.  I baked the bread for 1 hour as the recipe states. 


After I had removed my starter for today’s bread I fed the starter again with 1 cup of rye flour and 1 cup of water.  Already this evening it looks like it bubbling and doing great.  So in a few days I will be able to make more bread!!  :)


Here are pictures of the loaves:





  1. Oh Crystal,

    That sourdough bread looks soooo good!!! I love sourdough bread. I hope you all are doing well. Thinking of you all and sending my love,


  2. Crystal,

    I used to make a potato sourdough bread and when I'd make it I'd punch it down after the first rising, roll it out, paint on melted butter, and then sprinkle cinnamon & brown sugar on it. After I did that I would roll it up, similar to cinnamon rolls, and let it rise again. It one of our favorite treats! I don't know how this would do with yours, if you try it let me know.

    The loaves look beautiful! They really make me want a mill & a Bosch!

    In Him,


  3. Crystal, I have had sourdough bread on the brain for so long and just haven't had the wherewithal to sit down and read how to do it- thank you so much! I am hoping to use mostly sourdough bread once I get it mastered. So helpful, thanks a ton!


  4. Hey Crystal I saw your yummy loaves and actually have on in the rising in the oven right now. My kichen is extremely cold so I put the oven on the lowest setting w/ a pan of water in hopes that it will rise. I started the SD starter in the sookbook- but my only problem was you add 1 cup of flour everyday and then just enough water to make it look soupy. What does that mean? I added 1/2 cup water to the flour everyday for seven days but at the end I only had 2 qts. of starter instead of the 3 qts. So I saved 1 qt. and put it in the fridge and only made 1 loaf of bread. Did you put your in the fridge or did you just keep feeding it everyday? My other question is how long do you kead it w/ a bosch maching and on what speed? I've done NT SD recipe before and have failed. So that's why I'm asking so many questions. Thanks for your time- Amy Miles


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