Monday on the Homestead

Well today started off on the busy side.  I am working my way through several loads of laundry.


I sat with Isaac as he began his new set of Paces.  He started learning to tell time today and was so thrilled with this.. Which I thought was cute.  Now he wants a watch with analog time so he can practice.  I will do that since analog clocks are becoming an ancient relic of the past!


Last night my oldest son who is in the Army and has been at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the last 2 months sent me some pics.  It looked sunny and warm there a nice comparison to my wet, gray and cold weather.  I may have to use the pic from the beach as my screen saver just to remind myself that warmer, sunny days will be here soon!!!! 


He took a pic of himself and I thought I would share that..  just having a “proud mama” moment!    I am proud of him and his service to our country. 



Late Saturday night my goat Pepper had twins.. actually she had triplets but one was still born. The two surviving does are so cute.. I will get pictures later today and post them.  But be prepared.. they look just like the other two that were born in February!! LOL..  they all have the same daddy and he has some strong genes.  I was wondering what these goats would look like because Pepper is a black goat and I thought that might come through.. but nope they like dad.. brown.. Pics soon to come..


Dinner tonight is spaghetti, garlic toast (or french bread if I get my act together and get it started!! ),  a salad and maybe some dessertÂ… we will see.


Now it is time to get that laundry moving throughÂ…  I have plenty of it looking at me today.. the daily thing here on my homestead!  And mud clean up.. my kitchen floor is looking pretty bad still from this mornings barn chores.. 


Pics of goats coming! 


  1. Laundry always is something needing done here. It's pretty warm here today, but just started raining so that may change.

    Great pic of your son! Prayers going out to him.

  2. homesteadinthemakingApril 3, 2006 at 2:31 PM

    My husband got back in Dec. from an 18 month deployment. I am very proud of him and all of our soldiers....



  3. Crystal,

    That Richard sure is a great looking young man. I know you and Tobin are so proud of him. Enjoying your blog my friend.



  4. FruitfulVineof7SoFarApril 6, 2006 at 6:09 AM

    Congratulations on such a son. I think you should wear the 'proud mama' out! Thank you for sharing!

    And, congrats on the goats, too. We do not have any- yet, but have seen so many pics of baby goats lately, and they are pretty cute!

    I like the way you share your day; I have yet to do that in my blog. I guess I am so ready to talk that I talk about something other than my day!

    My blog here at homestead is new, but I do have one at homeschoolblogger.

    Many Blessings!! Jacque


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