Lisa… The Sewing Book


Lisa asked me what the name of the sewing book that I bought for my 10 year old daughter was.


The book is called  “Sew Kool 4 Kids”



Here is a list of what the book has in it (take from the front cover):


5 patterns for kids sizes 4 to 16

6 sewing machine craft projects

14 patterns for 18” dolls

7 hand embroidery projects with stitch instructions


I bought my copy of the book from Newark Dressmakers Supply.  It is only listed in the catalog, it is not in the online store.  I do recommend getting their catalog as they have a ton of really neat stuff!! 


I found the pattern book on line here:  


  1. I would really appreciate some hints on how to interest my 12 yo daughter in sewing, knitting, etc. She has always been a total tomboy in her interests, as I was when I was young, but I was always interested in these needlecrafts, and so I got good at them, whereas my sister, who was always the girlie one, can\'t stand them. The problem is my daughter thinks anything with a femine inclination is something to be disdained. I am at a loss as to how to spark her interest or desire to learn. I have tried to impress upon her how important it is in practical terms to learn these skills, but she is completely against learning them. I don\'t know what to do. Any ideas?


  2. Nice to meet you Crystal! I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I'm especially interested in that brownie recipe you posted a few days back. :-)


  3. Hello!

    I was wondering how you are doin'! Staying busy I see. Me too. Going to the Above Rubies retreat in Olympia. Can't wait! I'm taking my daughter. We fell in love with the skirts you and your daughters made from jeans. Think we might make some to wear to the retreat.


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