Blogging Again!!

Well today I decided it was time to start blogging again!!  So to begin with I will give you a few updates.


The first one is that we now have sold both puppies!!  It was hard to let the last one go.  He (we called him Pudgy) was soooo cute and had the sweetest personality.  I would have loved to keep him but Tobin has a certain Pom tolerance level and that is ONE Pom in the house!!  LOL.. 


Sierra took this picture of him.. She took it outside a few days ago and it almost looks like a professional type picture!  In any case we will be keeping this one as a great keepsake and memory of our little guy..



This week Tobin also helped make a screened in area inside the chicken coop for the 49 baby chick that we have been raising inside since February.  I had to have a way to get them into the chicken house, but yet keep them away from the bigger hens.  The big ones would most likely peck them to death.  Hens should all be about the same size before integrating them.  So this will give the big hens a chance to get to know the new ones before they are mixed together.


I realize it is not that easy to see the through the wire!!



So here are a few pics from the hen house and the little separated area that Tobin made.  We white washed the chicken coop last summer but boy it needs it again!!  So things look a bit shabby in thereÂ… but summer will be here soon and we can do some white washing in there again!


You can see the screed in area below a little shelf that is in the coop.  Tobin originally had that shelf there for the hens to lay on.  This was before we had so many hens.  It does not really work that well, but we just left the shelf in there (you can see the hens like to roost on it) and it worked well to use the space under it for the new chicks:


Here is a pic of some of the hens roosting up on a rafter of the coop. And you all may notice my one surviving rooster sitting there too!   



Here is a pic of the nest box that Tobin, Emily and Leanne put in last fall, and a close up of one of the nests filled with eggs.. I am not sure why they insist on laying in the same nest when they have so many choicesÂ… 




So that is the puppy and chicken update!!  More to comeÂ….. 


  1. What an AWESOME post. So glad to see you back!



  2. I love your pics. What beautiful animals!

  3. homesteadinthemakingApril 2, 2006 at 1:19 AM

    Keep the pics coming. We havent built a coop yet but I love to see everyone else's.



  4. I second that, keep the pictures coming. Nice to see you back also. Your chickens are beautiful! I would of had a terrible time giving away the last little guy. He is just beautiful!

  5. LOL Pom tolerance :) That cracked me up!! I have a certain Weimaraner tolerance which is 1, and I think I may have to change that number to zero!! It really needs to get to be spring because this house isn't big enough for Ranger and I :)

    Your chickens look great- I have the same kind but no rooster. Although mine are looking a little worse for wear after the long winter.

    Glad you're back!


  6. your uplifting posts. I am so happy to see you back and look forward to your future posts.



    <br>Brightest blessings




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