Menu For the Week

This weeks Menu:

I wrote this Menu on Saturday as my weeks start on Sunday (my hubby goes back to work on Sunday)


Easter Sunday:

(Main Meal Only)

Lamb in honey/orange sauce (that was very yummy!)

Steamed red potatoes

Green beans

Hot cross buns



breakfast: yogurt w/honey and flax seeds, toast

Lunch: pb&j sandwiches

Dinner: Split pea soup w/ham, salad, corn bread



Breakfast: Eggs, fruit

Lunch: quesadillas

Dinner: Spaghetti on whole wheat noodles, salad, garlic toast or French bread



Breakfast: granola

lunch: Pepperoni Bread

Dinner: Pork roast, baked beans, coleslaw



Breakfast: breakfast burritos

Lunch: creamy broccoli soup

Dinner: black bean sloppy joes on toast, salad



Breakfast: Omelets and bacon

Lunch: Tortilla Pizza’s

Dinner: Hamburger noodle soup, muffins



Breakfast: Waffles

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: cajun baked chicken, brown rice pilaf, peas & carrots



  1. Your pepperoni bread is alot like what we have around here called pepperoni rolls. We make them with just pepperoni or with pepperoni and cheese or loaded with pepperoni,cheese and sweet or hot peppers. YUM!

  2. I heard that eating lamb is very game-y. Is this true? I've always wanted to try it....but I don't like a wild tasting meat...

  3. Maybe they were talking about mutton? I don't think the lamb you buy from the shops is gamey. I think roast lamb is the nicest.

  4. Lamb usually does not taste gamey at all. It is a delicious meat. Ours came from lamb my MIL raises on her property and she butchers them at around 8 months old. This younger age also means the meat will not have a strong taste.

  5. Homeschoolmummyx3April 25, 2006 at 4:46 AM

    Crystal, I've heard of this, but I have never seen it. Where would I go about getting this?




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