Saturday on the Homestead


Our week has been busy, as usual.  Tobin has taken a few extra days off in the last few weeks in order to take care of other projects (like working to get a rental of ours ready to be rented).  


The children and I are working to keep the home fires burning and keep everything in our life moving forward! 


I was just given 2 new goat kids..  so I will need to get a pic of them soon.  A friend of mine used my buck for service last fall and did not want the kids; she just wants milk and does not want to mess with the bottle feeding.  So we are bottle feeding these little cuties.  They are half Nubian and half Saanen.  One doe, one buck and I plan on keeping the doe.  However right now I just did a count of goats and I am at 16!  So something has to be done as that is more than I want to feed through the winter.  I think I have a couple of them that are destined for the freezer, and a couple does I could sell, but not sure I want to do that..  THAT is the big problem with goats; they are so easy to get attached to! 


On the family front, I am happy to say that my little Isaac has finished his school work for the year!!  One down, 4 to go!  He still has some workbooks to mess with and reading we will continue to do, but all the official school work is done.  Sierra and Jacob will be next. 


Today we take a break from this.  Tobin and I are going to the city to do some shopping and enjoy an afternoon together.  The kids will stay home and make cut out sugar cookies.  I found cookie cutters that were a church, a lamb, a cross and what I think is supposed to be a scroll.  I was thinking of doing colored eggs, but not sure how brown eggs would look.. never have done that! LOL..   


Tomorrow my Easter Dinner will be Lamb.  I have several cuts of lamb given to me by my generous Mother-in-law that I am going to think of the best way to cook.  Plus there will be potatoes, veggies, salad and maybe something else, have not figured that out yet (I know I seem to be waiting till the last minute!)


So all in all the Saturday here on the homestead will be a mellow one and I will be in town with my hubby enjoying an afternoon together. 




  1. Sounds like a wonderful day planned. Congrats on the new goats too.

  2. you can dye the brown eggs and they turn out beautifully! They get a rich, deep color. Also, we put stickers, rubber bands and white crayon on them to act as a resist before dying. Once they are dry, remove those items and you will have a neat design...

    Sorry I didn't see this post till now...a tip for next year, eh?!



  3. What did you do yesterday?

    How did you cook the lamb in the end?

    I hope you had a blessed afternoon shopping with your husband and it is great that you can leave the children at home from time to time.

    How did the sugar cookies work out?




  4. Page, I ended up making an orange/honey sauce for my lamb and cooked it in the crockpot. I mixed ½ cup orange juice, 2 T honey together and added garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper and another herb that escapes my brain at the moment!! It turned out wonderful!!

    The sugar cookies were great as well. The kids had fun making them and we all enjoyed eating them!

    We enjoyed a quiet Easter Sunday and enjoyed our dinner!! It was a very nice day!

  5. as in how much the cost is per day. I just wondered as I would be interested in these being posted again periodically.

    I hope you get some rest this afternoon




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