Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! I hope your week is going well and you are finding joy in the everyday and ordinary of life.  :)  

My week has been going well.  I focused on my home more this week and made progress on my spring cleaning.  I also had a great visit with my daughter Hannah and my grandbabies..

 What's not to love about time spent with your grandchildren. :) 

My best friend spent the weekend with me and that was a blessing and so much fun.  I realized after she left that I had not gotten any pictures.  We seem to be able to get together and talk non stop and that is what we did.  

I spent Monday and Tuesday around the home.  The sun came out and it warmed up enough for my hubby to want to go swimming.  The pond is still to cold for me.  Our duck, Ping, was so happy to see us. I caught a little video of Ping following my hubby right on into the pond to swim with him..  so cute! :)

 Today my youngest daughter and I are going to spend the day together.  We've not done that in some time and were both missing it.  It's her day off of work so we plan on getting our coffee (a tradition when we go out), doing some shopping and enjoying lunch together.   

For the Love of Books!
Vacation got me off track with my reading.  But now I'm back at it.  I read a few more chapters of Oliver Twist.

Steps, Steps, Steps
Yesterday I got out and took a 2 mile walk.  It was not a long walk, but the first one since getting home.  I guess my focus on spring cleaning took all my energy.  It felt so good to get out.  The spring flowers are in bloom and I love that.  My walk never seems to get old, just so much beauty to take in.

View from my Deck
We've had a lovely string of sunny and warm days.  Last night the clouds rolled in and there is a slight chance of rain. Such is life in the PNW.  The old saying around here is that summer starts on the 5th of July, ha, ha..  I have many memories from my childhood of watching fireworks with an umbrella over me.  And then, the next day it's 95 and summer is in full swing.  :) 

Today's High: 64     Low:  51

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. The video of your husband and Ping is so cute. It is beautiful in your part of the country. Thank you for sharing your photos.


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