Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! It's been a whirlwind of busyness in the last couple of weeks for me.  My daughter Emily was due to have her baby on the 22nd of June and we figured she'd be late so we're thinking our trip down to see her would be more towards the end of June or beginning of July.  

The biggest reason we all felt she would be late was because all my daughters that have had babies have been late just as I was with my babies.  My latest baby was 15 days late, Hannah's latest baby was born at 44 weeks.  A week to 2 weeks late seems to be the average that runs in the family.  Emily's first baby was 2 weeks late.  

So when Emily called me bright an early on the16th of June and said she was in labor it was a big surprise.  I told my hubby as soon as he got home from work.  He got some sleep (he works nights) and when he got up we packed our suitcase and loaded up the car.  I was not able to be there in time for the birth as little baby Weston came about 3:30 in the afternoon.  We left our house at about 6:30pm and drove straight through the night.  

We got to the hospital around 6/6:30 am and met our newest little baby...


He weighed  6lbs 13oz and had a head of dark curly hair.  We were instantly in love with little Weston Truong.  Such a sweet little bundle of blessing from God and a beautiful little family.

We stayed for 3 days and helped out with their oldest while they were in the hospital and I was able to make 6 meals for her freezer to help her out when dad goes back to work.  

Her oldest, Raylan, was not quite sure what to think of his new little brother.  His emotions ranged from happy to confused.  

 Now almost 2 weeks later he's adjusting very well..

We are home now and I do believe our travels for the summer are done and we are focusing on our life at home once again.  It's possible we may make another trip to see them in the early fall.  We're not sure quite yet.

Today my goals are spending a day in town with my daughter Sierra.  We did this a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun. We decided we need to do this more often.  So we're going to do a little shopping, get our cup of coffee and probably lunch as well.  

For the Love of Books!
My unexpected travels got me off track with my reading again.  I'm slowly getting into my daily groove and will start up my reading soon. 

Frugal Living
The only frugal thing I have to share with you this week is taking our own food with us when we do our little road trips.  We'll have an occasional meal on the road but fast food gets old, real fast.  We made sure to pack fruit and nuts and a few other snacks that were at least on the healthier side.  It's better for us and saves money. 

Steps, Steps, Steps
Yesterday my daughter Hannah came with the grandkids and we got out and took a nice 2 mile walk.  I made my step goal by the end of the day and that was nice.  Getting back into my walking groove is also on my list.  

View from my Deck
Summer is taking its own sweet time getting here.  We've had beautiful 90 degree days and then the next day it's 72 and cloudy and overcast.  I know it will start up in full swing soon. 

I was happy this morning to wake up to sunshine.  

Today's HIGH: 73   LOW: 52

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


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