Thanksgiving, Memories and Remembering what is Most Important!!

Years ago I had a house full of young ladies all learning homemaking skills. They cooked and baked and cleaned right along beside me. On Thanksgiving we would get excited. We baked everything from scratch. The many pies, dinner rolls and stuffing were all baked right in our own kitchen. They loved it. Today they always talk about those years. It was part of what made our holiday special.

Today, fast forward many years and I have no daughters at home to help me make all those pies and dinner rolls and goodies. And I have more people to feed on a holiday dinner. There are spouses and grandchildren and boyfriends/girlfriends... and I am the one to make it all happen. So for the past few years, that is what I have done. This year I was stressing a bit. My oven failed on me, my microwave died (due to a brown out), and I have family coming for Thanksgiving! I looked at all my options.. and this is what I found... Costco … Costco makes amazing pies and awesome dinner rolls (and thank you Costco for all that you do! :). The grocery store has stuffing... and it was right then and there I realized something very important.

In those year when we did everything from scratch.. it was amazing. .. it was what we should do.. it was what made the most amazing memories for my girls and my family.. but today.. the focus has shifted. I spend most days with only my boys at home in the evening when they come home from work. My house is quiet and simple. And I'm loving that by the way.. :)... but when the time comes for my family to gather together under one roof... that is a HUGE blessing. That is way more important than home baked pies, homemade dinner rolls and all the rest. As I adjust and change for this empty nest part of my life.. I realize that the end result today is still the same... family.. it just may look different today than it did years ago.. but it is still the same.. family and the blessing of the time we are able to gather together and thank and praise God for all His blessings..

And what a blessed time we had together...  (pics of my family and our time together) . ...



  1. I'm at the jumping off place for empty nest. That's why these last few Christmases are so special. My two youngest are getting to the point they will be out on their own in a few years. My daughter has already flown the nest, married, and given us 2 grandsons. Not sure how I'll feel when the time comes. Thanks for the insight.

    1. I'm there too.. just found out today that my Jacob has been approved for an apartment.. that will leave just one more at home. It is a strange part of life! But an exciting one, so many possibilities open up.. and I'm enjoying that.

  2. I agree totally. Its the time spent with family not the way food was made. I think when we had all the children home our funds were so we had to make due and worked from scratch, as we age, our time is precious and stores are pretty good but not perfect copy cats of what we could make. Glad you had a nice holiday with family.

    1. Yes, for sure! The funds had a lot to do with. But what precious memories it made.


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