Menu Monday!

I hope you all had a good Christmas. Ours was very nice and I'll post more about that soon. One thing was for certain, I ended up with a lot of leftovers. We just got them finished up over the weekend. I'm looking forward to eating something different this week!! :)

My week's meals are looking like this...

Crockpot chicken and black bean soup
I'm going to just toss this one together. My plan is to use chicken breast, canned black beans, corn, chicken broth, tomatoes, Mexican spices and a few veggies such as carrots, onions, peppers. I'll serve it with chips & salsa

Crockpot Asian beef over rice
Beef is so expensive. I only buy it when I see it on sale, which is not that often. A couple weeks ago while shopping I found beef round roast on sale. I bought one. I'm planning on putting it in the crockpot and seasoning it with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and anything else that suits me. Cooking it all day until it can be shredded with a fork and serving it over rice. I'll make a salad to serve on the side.

Chicken w/sautéed mushrooms over pasta
I plan on cutting up and sautéing chicken breast with mushrooms and onions. Then making a little gravy/sauce from the pan juices and serving over pasta. I plan to serve brussel sprouts on the side.

That should wrap up the last menu for the year and take us on into the New Year!



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