Our Christmas

It was a different year in some ways. While still a lot of people, it was the smallest celebration we'd had in some time. It was simple but very enjoyable. I did get a few gifts for my grandchildren and my children, but my children made a different choice. Most years my children draw names for their own gift exchange. This year, a few of my children were dealing with financial stresses and so I asked them all if they would like to skip the gift exchange. They all said yes, that would be a blessing to them. 

Several weeks before Christmas my email inbox was full of ads for stuff I needed, stuff I should buy and stuff to give as gifts, etc.. Now my inbox is full of ads that say.. “now you can buy what you didn't get for Christmas!” .. Not to mention I read today that there is a vending machine that allows people to exchange unwanted gifts for books.. really? So we buy, buy, buy to fulfill some sort of ideal.. and then we can take it back, buy what we really wanted or exchange for a book? I'm saddened that this beautiful holiday gets more and more materialistic as the years go by. I was actually happy that my children made a different choice this year.

It made me reflect on so many traditions that we always feel we must follow. And when someone does not they are given names (such as grinch or scrooge) or made to feel as though the holiday is somehow incomplete. I was actually proud of my children for making this choice. I was once again reminded this Christmas to remember what is most important. We spent a wonderful holiday remembering what is really important in the end.

We enjoyed a delicious meal together, time visiting and enjoying family and grandchildren. It was a wonderful memorable holiday.

Me and my boys..

Hannah and her hubby...

Uncle Richard and his nieces...

The Group photo  :) 

It was a beautiful Christmas and I'm excited to move on into 2016!! 


  1. Beautiful family Crystal! My how the family grows and times change. Mine too! ;) Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

    1. Thank you Monica!! Yes.. time flies and family changes.. but what a blessing!

  2. I am trying to make changes to our holiday gift giving and fighting a losing battle with my mom. Since she's older, I guess I'll let her win but I'm going to keep trying with my adult"ish" children (20, 26 and 28). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. It is hard.. I hear you... my mother and father are gone now... and we are making our own traditions.. it was a beautiful year for us. Happy New Year to you too Ruth!!


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